The Order of St. Constantine the Great and of St. Helen in the Czech Lands

The Order of St. Constantine the Great and of St. Helen is spiritually knight order, which was, according to old chronicles, already established by the Roman Caesar, saint Constantine the Great in 312 AD, as companions for protection of holy Labarum. In 1180 it was obtained from the Byzantine Caesar Alexius Comnenus.

Wappen des Ordens / emblem of the order The emblem of the order is a red-enamel Greek cross with lily-ended arm. On the arms there are golden letters in the following sequence I.H.S.V. /In Hoc Signo Vinces/. A gold medallion with the title of the order and black Byzantine eagle is placed in the middle of the cross and a gold crown rests on it. The band of the cross is yellow for noble knights /heritable noble status/ (Appendix No. 1), a blue band for honourable knight /personal noble status/.

Now let the at-that-time historian Eusebius speak:

"He begged his Lord and mother to appear. Then when the sun passed over the noon, and the day turned towards the afternoon, he beheld a bright cross that was created by sun rays above the sun around it was a sign: In the name of this sign you shall win. Then he and his army, who were exposed to this vision, were completely thunder-struck.
Saint Constantine the Great ordered to make a holy labarum (golden spear carrying the manifested cross/, which protected the 50 bravest warriors, and when it was most dangerous, Saint Constantine ordered to carry this labarum to this place of the most severe fights. Never was any bearer of this holy labarum injured during fights. In addition to this, had Saint Constantine the symbol of the cross engraved on his helm and on his soldiers on shields. On 28 October in 312 AD was Maxentius defeated. This victory was expected, provided by Lord himself for Christians.
On the basis of this miraculous victory, Saint Constantine the Great issued edict in Milan in 313 AD that permitted Christianity throughout the empire."

aus: "The Order of St. Constantine the Great and of St. Helen in the Czech Lands - Catalog 2005"