06/16-06/17/2005, Workshop: “ArabAmericas. TransAtlantisch”, Berlin

ArabAmericas. TransAtlantisch

06/16-06/17/2005, Workshop: "ArabAmericas. TransAtlantisch", Berlin

06/16-06/17/2005, Workshop: "ArabAmericas. TransAtlantisch", Berlin

A transdisciplinary workshop, hosted by the Zentrum Moderner Orient (Berlin), with the participation of Luis Fayad (Colombia), Nathalie Handal (USA), Alberto Ruy-Sanchez (Mexico), Lisa Suhair Majaj (USA), Susana Romano-Sued (Argentina), and Ottmar Ette (Potsdam)

Research Goals

The workshop intends to develop new models of transcultural dynamics, beyond essential identity concepts, in the transatlantic network of relations. Research’s long established, overriding perspective is still focused on present, isolatable political, historical, or literary phenomena, and considers anything outside these fixed categories as an exception to the rule. What has long been considered an “exception” should, in context with globalized and partly asymmetrically running processes of communication, be placed at the core of study and thus be seen as a “rule.” Continue reading