ISTMO – Revista virtual de estudios literarios y culturales centroamericanos

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Istmo. Revista virtual de estudios literarios y culturales centroamericanos

Istmo. Revista virtual de estudios literarios y culturales centroamericanos

Istmo is an interdisciplinary, biannual journal whose purpose is to encourage the study of Central American literature and culture. It wishes to create a space for scholarly reflection, research and production that go beyond national and regional boundaries and offer an all-encompassing perspective. It proposes to disseminate studies that analyze and interpret cultural expression (in literature, the arts, popular traditions, audiovisual production, the industries and institutions of culture, etc.) in their relationship to the communities, economy and politics of Central American peoples. It proposes to do this in a way that contributes critically to recreate, reproduce, and interpret the heterogeneity and complexity of that diverse human site—in different territories in and outside the isthmus that are in turn bound together by ties to other sites—in what has become in the current era what we traditionally called Central America. In this way, the journal offers an on-line forum for critical thinking that addresses these new contexts that are the product of the processes of globalization and of participation at the local level.

General objectives of Istmo:

  • To contribute to the study of the cultural unity and diversity of Central America by means of encouraging research into emergent and peripheral literatures and cultures, and by promoting comparative and gender studies, with the objective of deepening knowledge of individual and collective sensibilities and identities; encouraging the study of different communities, societies, zones, and cultural expressions make up the diversity that characterizes the Central American human sphere.
  • To promote the study of the creativity of individual or collective subjects who participate in cultural and textual processes in general, with the objective of helping to define the literary-historical underpinnings that lead to an understanding of said processes in the region of Central America.
  • To encourage cultural and literary studies that help to assess the value of Central American literatures, as a privileged function of language, in its relationship with culture, history, graphic art, geography, society, and the individual.
  • To foster studies that make it possible to identify the diverse relationships among the history of culture, the history of art and the history of creative processes, as well as the development of textual, graphic, and aesthetic discourses, including their intertextualities o interrelationships.
  • To promote forms of interdisciplinary debate, cooperation, and criticism among scholars and students of the region and Central Americans living outside the isthmus.
  • To provide information about activities related to the general objectives of the journal.

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