HiN – International Review for Humboldtian Studies

PDF-Cover of HiN XII, 22 (2011) - www.hin-online.de

PDF-Cover of HiN XII, 22 (2011) - www.hin-online.de

HiN - Alexander von Humboldt im Netz is an international peer reviewed journal and publishes articles on Alexander von Humboldt of scholars from around the world. Articles are issued in German, English, French and Spanish. HiN is a publication by the University of Potsdam and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

Scope and Aims

The studies on Alexander von Humboldt have long ago attained global proportions, much like Humboldt’s own scientific endeavors. In the last 20 years, the multilingual and multidisciplinary character of Humboldtian Studies have reached a both impressive as well as challenging scope. In light of these more recent developments, HiN was founded in 2000 as an effort to further tie the international connections of Humboldtian scholarship with an inter- as well as transdisciplinary approach.


The open access journal HiN is associated with the project avhumboldt.de. Alexander von Humboldt Informationen online, founded in 1999 as Humboldt in the Net (“Humboldt im Netz”, www.humboldt-im-netz.de). avhumboldt.de is an online information platform about worldwide activities regarding Humboldt. avhumboldt.de wants to

  • be an introduction to this great scientist and erudite
  • present worldwide activities around Humboldt and bundle them in one site
  • familiarize more people with “Humboldtian Science” and serve as a research archive for both a specialized as well as wider audience
  • provide materials, subject-matters, primary and secondary sources on Humboldt
  • dynamically intertwine the many facets of scholarship on Humboldt

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