Researchers – Prof. Dr. Gerson Roberto Neumann

Gerson Roberto Neumann (Prof. of German Literature and Comparative Literature, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS – Brazil)


gersonProf. Dr. Gerson Roberto Neumann working since 2011 at the UFRGS – Porto Alegre – where he is engaged in the German literature of the 19th century, the literature in German language in Brazil.
He studied Portuguese/German at the UNISINOS, in São Leopoldo (1990-1994).
Master at the UFRJ, in Rio de Janeiro, in Comparative Literature (2000) and PhD in German at the Free University of Berlin (2004)

For more information on the Research Project on “The German Literature in 19th Century Brazil. A Literature of no fixed Abode”, coordinated by Gerson Neumann click here.

For the UFRGS-homepage of Gerson Neumann click here.

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