Book: “TransArea: A Literary History of Globalization”, De Gruyter 2016

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Ottmar Ette: TransArea. A Literary History of Globalization, De Gruyter 2016.

Ottmar Ette: TransArea: A Literary History of Globalization. Translated by Mark W. Person, Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter Mouton, 364 p.

ISBN-10: 3110477734 ISBN-13: 978-3110477733

€ [D] 39.95 / US$ 56.00


The future of area studies lies in opening out into TransArea studies, which tie together area-connected competencies with transdisciplinary research practices. It is one of the loftiest and most urgent duties of philology to lift up this treasure in the awareness of the special relevance of literature, and to make it democratically available to the broadest possible sections of the population.

Ottmar Ette’s TransArea proceeds from the thesis that globalization is not a recent phenomenon, but rather, a process of long duration that may be divided into four main phases of accelerated globalization. These phases connect our present, across the world’s widely divergent modern eras, to the period of early modern history. Ette demonstrates how the literatures of the world make possible a tangible perception of that which constitutes Life, both of our planet and on our planet, which may only be understood through the application of multiple logics. There is no substitute for the knowledge of literature: it is the knowledge of life, from life. This English translation will be of great interest to English-speaking scholars in the fields of Global and Area Studies, Literary Studies, Cultural Studies, History, Political Science, and many more.

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