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The SurveyAMC package is targeted to create machine-readable questionnaires for self-administered paper surveys in high typesetting quality. The package provides a LaTeX style for designing the questionnaire’s general layout, as well as for formatting and placing the questions, the answers, the check-boxes, the completion instructions and finally the filter instructions. After the completion of the survey, the respondents’ answers can be automatically processed into a fully structured file using the freely available software Auto-Multiple-Choice (Version 1.4.0) by Alexis Bienvenüe. In addition to the LaTeX style, SurveyAMC contains the companion software ClickSurveyAMC for a more general system in which both, paper- and online questionnaires, as well as several by-products are automatically created from the same source file.

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Example Questionnaire

Example Questionnaire view the full questionnaire > pdf

Notes on Usage

  • To create machine-readable questionnaires with SurveyAMC you will need a LaTeX distribution, an editor, a pdf-viewer and the LateX package "surveyamc.sty". Surveyamc.sty is made available on the SurveyAMC GitLab Repository. You can download it there, copy it to your LaTeX working directory and then load it with \usepackage{surveyamc} in the preambel of your .tex-document. For more detailed information see the documentation below.
  • For processing the completed questionnaires into a dataset you will need the Auto-Multiple-Choice Software (Version 1.4.0). You can find further informations about installation and usage at www.auto-multiple-choice.net.


The SurveyAMC package is fully documented. The documentation helps you to get started with your own survey project. It contains:

  • tutorial to get started
  • code snippets for a variety of question format options
  • style template for the general page layout
  • description of the "DRY" workflow for generating several survey products from one source file
The full documentation of SurveyAMC ist hosted on the SurveyAMC GitLab Repository.

Questionnaire Templates

Different templates may help you to create your first questionnaire with SurveyAMC. You can find all templates on the SurveyAMC GitLab Repository. The list of templates is constantly being updated. Follow the link, copy the files to your project directory and adjust them to fit your personal needs.


  • ClickSurveyAMC is a piece of software that generates fully automated different survey products like the LaTeX paper-questionnaire, the codebook, and a Stata label-do-file. All you have to do is upload a tab-delimited source file that contains the metadata of the questionnaire. By merely one click ClickSurveyAMC delivers a zip-file that contains the compiled pdf-files as well as the LaTeX code of the survey products. Since the metadata file follows a specific structure (see DRY-Mode), you can additionally import the tab-separated file into the online questionnaire software LimeSurvey.
  • The ClickSurveyAMC website (www.clicksurveyamc.org) provides several example files, which you can use to get started. Go to ClickSurveyAMC.
  • The ClickSurveyAMC software is hosted on the ClickSurveyAMC GitLab Repository. Since it is free software you can donwload it there, modify it and run it on your own server.

If you have any questions, suggestions or technical problems, please contact Claudia Saalbach.