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On the Role of Culture in Language and Cognition

This talk provides an overview of some recent research on how culture is causally implicated in the understanding of human cognition.

In particular, I review studies on the influence of culture on short-term memory, grammar, numerical cognition, and language evolution. I also provide a list of desiderata for research methodologies on the connections between culture and cognition and a direction for future research.

Dan Everett is one of the few linguists known to a broader public - through his books Don't Sleep, There are Snakes, Language: the Cultural Tool, Dark Matter of the Mind, and How Language Began and also through his debate with Chomsky on the role of recursion in natural language. He has published many articles and also book-length studies on phonological and syntactic aspects of a variety of South American languages, among them Wari' and Pirahã. Dan Everett is Dean of Art and Sciences at Bentley University. Before that, he held professorship positions in Pittsburgh, Manchester, and at Illinois State University.

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Prof. Daniel L. Everett

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Forschungsschwerpunkt Kognitionswissenschaften
Humanwissenschaftliche Fakultät
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Humanwissenschaftliche Fakultät


23.04.2018, 16:00
23.04.2018, 18:00


SFB 1287 und UFSKW


Universität Potsdam, Uni-Komplex Golm, Haus 14, Raum 0.47
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