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Workshop: “Creative Scientific Writing”

Would you like to process and write down your scientific findings in a unique and creative way? Then, creative academic writing is an exciting process that allows ample room for your individual thoughts and ideas. In our workshop, we will try out various writing techniques and exchange our impressions with each other. The goal of the workshop is to explore your thoughts, create new ideas and strengthen your motivation to write. We will work together to explore new strategies and possibilities and encourage you to write texts that reflect your own interests and personality within the given framework, such as a term paper. Let’s work together to allow your creativity to flow into your scientific writing and make your writing project an inspiring and personal success!


Janina Deilke

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Yes , Register until 07.06.2023

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Sprachen und Schlüsselkompetenzen


Zentrale Universitätseinrichtungen


09.06.2023, 10:00
09.06.2023, 12:00
Please note: our workshops start as indicated at the full hours.


Center for Languages and Key Competences - Zessko


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