It has been a few weeks since the joint GAPS and GASt conference on Postcolonial Justice in Potsdam and Berlin. It has been an incredibly intense event for all of us, and we are still recovering, in way, which we hope you accept as an excuse for not writing earlier about publication options. We think that a lot of papers we heard were of a very high standard, and we are of course looking forward to publishing a selection of contributions in two volumes that address the question of postcolonial justice. Here is what we have planned:

Each organization traditionally places its conference proceedings in an established and renowned book series.

In the case of GAPS, these are the (to be renamed) ASNEL Papers which form part of the Cross/Cultures Series, which up to now have been published by Rodopi Press in Amsterdam (cf. Rodopi has just been taken over (in a friendly way) by Brill Publishing based in Leiden. The (former) director of Rodopi Press assured us that ASNEL papers will be continued, and that Brill actually enhances our international visibility.

GASt publishes its proceedings in the KOALAS series with Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier. (Cf.

Both publications will be English-language only.

The selection of papers for both volumes will be made on the basis of a double peer review process. If your contribution was in the field of Australian studies, the editorial team will collectively suggest in which of the volumes your contribution shall be placed.

In order to get us started, we invite you to submit an abstract of 400 words no later than September 1 in order to signal your interest in this publication option. The abstracts will help us get an overview of likely submission. Upon receipt of the abstract we will get back to you with information regarding the formatting etc.

We expect the finished essays to be submitted by October 15. Please note, once again, that the selection of papers will be made in a double peer review process on the basis of the finished papers alone. Contributors can expect to receive feedback on their essays by the end of December 2014.

To download the style sheet, please click here

That’s it from our end for now.
Should you have any questions regarding this process and the publications, please feel free to contact us at