“Identity – a bloody romance”: An exhibition on German-Mozambican identity, relations and a shared history

What impact does migration have on societies and the identity of those involved? It is this question that the theatre director Jens Vilela Neumann follows up in his first exhibition “Identity – a bloody romance” using concrete examples taken from the two-hundred-year-old shared history of Germany and Mozambique. The exhibition sheds light on a “silenced” chapter of East German history through the “Madgermans”, former GDR labour migrants who for the past 20 years have held weekly demonstrations in Mozambique’s capital Maputo to claim back money owed to them by the government since the GDR. In doing so the exhibition raises the visibility of Mozambique, a country which is given little space in the public sphere in Germany. 

Spanning from 1816 to the present day, the exhibition documents the various encounters, motives, interests and consequences shaping this exchange. Different aspects of identity such as language, family, sense of belonging, profession, sexuality, economic interests and dependencies are reflected in the exhibition’s personal stories told in the form of portraits, short films and the projection of the theatrical production “Identity – a bloody romance”.

The exhibition will be on display in the conference venue in Potsdam on Saturday 31st May and Sunday 1st June. For further information on the exhibition and the artist’s work, go to http://vilelaneumann.com/english/.