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Winter School Delhi, India

Doing Cosmopolitanisms: Dynamics of Theory and Practice



The RTG Minor Cosmopolitanisms brings together all its members, as well as inviting fellow Ph.D candidates and scholars in India and the South Asian region, in order to explore practices of cosmopolitanism in a winter school entitled: Doing Cosmopolitanisms: Dynamics of Theory and Practice. The winter school forms part of a larger project, Minor Cosmopolitanisms, that wishes to build new ways of studying and understanding the cosmopolitan project against and beyond its Eurocentric legacies, prompted by a complexity of challenges faced in a globalizing world. The winter school is an extension of ongoing joint supervision, research and teaching between the University of Potsdam (Germany) and its partner universities in Berlin and around the world – Australia, Canada, India, South Africa and the United States of America – in which we hope to create a learning environment of multi-directional exchange.


In order to transcend the division of the cosmopolitan, into either universal (Eurocentric) normative ideal or established reality deemed descriptively assessable, our winter school places emphasis on “doing cosmopolitanisms.” Rather than merely focusing on the socioeconomic dynamics  of globalization and its representations, minor cosmopolitanisms focus on practices of being, thinking, feeling and creating in a globalizing world. Among the central questions we ask are: How do we overcome colonial epistemologies? How do we draw applicable knowledge from embodied and singular practices?


It is in this light that the first winter school of the RTG Minor Cosmopolitanisms is located physically outside the Euro-American context that too often appears as the centre of cosmopolitanism. Our hope is to learn both from the specificities of local practices and the intellectual questions that the theme of minor cosmopolitanisms opens up across our various fields of scholarship. To this end, we aim to explore where and how academic concerns are manifested through various forms of practice. We turn to scholars, policymakers, practitioners and activists working at the intersections of academia and politics, to envision what “doing” minor cosmopolitanisms might look like. We are (also) interested in critical, artistic as well as everyday practices that performatively bring both historical and current cosmopolitanisms into being by virtue of their worldmaking capacities.


The winter school wishes to engage with practice as theory and theory as practice. We welcome discussions including but not limited:

  •  contesting colonial epistemologies/ontologies
  • dissident democratic formations and ‘post’-democracy
  • cosmopolitanizing bodies
  • non-Western readings of the West
  • access to knowledge and piracy
  • subaltern and queer femininities
  • caste/race/religious/gender/class epistemologies and violence
  • eco-cosmopolitan futures
  • (minor) convivial cultures and practices
  • critiques of (minor) cosmopolitanism(s)

Contact Information 

Organizing Team: 

Lucy Gasser,  Anna von Rath,  Sikho Siyotula,  Praveen Sewgobind,  Oduor Obura,  Sara Morais dos Santos Bruss,  Zairong Xiang 


Delhi Winter School Organizing Team

University of Potsdam

Campus Neues Palais, Bld. 2

Am Neuen Palais 10

14469 Potsdam