Vorlesungs- und Lehrendenverzeichnis

WiSe 2019/20

Projects in Interactional Linguistics

Uwe KĂĽttner


NOTE: This course is designed for students who successfully completed the MSK module (including MSK3) and consider writing their master’s thesis in CA/IL. Whether you plan to do this in/on German or English is irrelevant.

This advanced course is designed to help students achieve the following Learning Outcome:

Students develop a topic and a feasible research question for their master’s thesis in CA/IL and ideally start pursuing it by

- identifying (potential) research gaps,
- searching for and screening relevant literature,
- choosing appropriate data material,
- practicing the necessary basic skills, such as GAT2 transcription, sequential analysis etc.,
- adapting their initial project idea based on first insights (if necessary),
- critically commenting on their peers’ proposals and achievements in these regards, and finally
- writing a project proposal

in order to be able to present and defend their project as well as their approach in the colloquium (FP2) and, ultimately, to write a stylistically and substantively adequate MA thesis in the field of CA/IL.

Requirements: Successful completion of the MSK module (including MSK3)




To obtain credits for this course, students are required to

a) deliver two short presentations (a project idea and a progress report),
b) write a (2 page) project proposal,
c) and to provide a number of written reviews/feedback for project proposal drafts by their peers(how many exactly will depend on the number of participants and be specified at the beginning of the course)

Studiengänge und Module

MT Linguistik: Kommunikation - Variation - Mehrsprachigkeit 2012
(Projekt-)Seminar, M6 Forschungs- und Projektarbeit


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