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You have the possibility to register via

- your central UP account or

- a registration as a guest

How the registration via QR code with the contact tracing system QRoniton works, which possibilities the system offers and answers to further questions can be found here on the website.

Contact-tracing for on-site events with QRoniton

In order to ensure that teaching in lecture halls and seminar rooms, as well as library visits or the use of student workstations, can continue at the University of Potsdam, it is necessary to register the contact data of students, teachers and other users.

This way, in the event of a COVID-19 infection, the recorded data can be quickly made available to the health department and the chains of infection can be quickly contained. For contact tracing, the UP relies on QR codes that are scanned with a smartphone to record attendances in a room.

Note: Your cooperation with the contact data collection is mandatory. It is for your own and the general safety and health.

In case of an infection, please send a message to the Corona Crisis Staff of the University of Potsdam: krisenstab-coronauni-potsdamde

Instruction: How it works

In our lecture halls and many other rooms you will find QR codes that you can use as follows:

1. You need a connection to the internet. Call up the address in your web browser.

2. you will find information about the QRoniton system, followed by a "STARTEN" button at the very bottom of the page, which you click.

3. select "Mit Campus-Kennung" or "Gastzugang" and then click OK.

a) By confirming the selection "Mit Campus-Kennung" you will be redirected to the DFN-AAI. Here you select your home institution "Universität Potsdam". Afterwards you will be redirected to the single sign-on page and can log in with your UP account.

b) If you select "Gastzugang" please follow the menu navigation of Qroniton.

4. to log in to a room, click on the "Scannen" button or open an app on your smartphone to read QR codes. You may now need to allow or confirm the use of your camera through the browser. Now hold your smartphone in front of the QR code so that it is clearly visible and as straight as possible in your browser's camera image.

5. Once the code has been successfully captured, you can click on the time you will spend in the room, e.g. 90 minutes for a lecture. Alternatively, you can click on "Kurzzeitkontakt" or "Check-in" - we explain this further in the FAQ. Furthermore, confirm your 3G (vaccinated, recovered, tested) status.

6. confirm the selection - done!

Usually, smartphones also offer their own apps or functions for scanning QR codes. With this, you can also scan our codes directly to get to the QRoniton page and provide information about the person and the length of stay.

You can easily switch mobile devices at any time: QRoniton does not require a user account or password (for the optional PIN, see "Why set a PIN"). On the other device, simply re-enter your personal data and scan a QR code. If, exceptionally, you are using another person's device, you can also open an incognito tab of the browser for this purpose (see "Forgotten smartphone, battery empty...").

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