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Study Preparation Brandenburg - Feedback

My experience in the SVB course was great and helpful. As a returning native speaker, the course was a great help for me to use the German language in everyday life and to expand my language and specialist knowledge for the university and for my degree program.

Christa R. (Chile, graduate in 2018, Spanish Philology/History)

As a former student of the SVB Course at the Uni Potsdam, I can highly recommend this program. With the right work ethic and the necessary dedication, it prepares you well for the examinations. I appreciate the relationships I formed with students and teachers. The teachers are kind and friendly, but also strict and fair. You can always go to them if you have a question. I do have a tip: Ask them for help in identifying your weaknesses! That can really help you on the tests.

Chris D.  (USA, graduate in 2018, History/Philosophy)

In the course of preparing for studying at the University of Potsdam, I received information from the International Office about the “Successful start in university studies for international students” course focusing on "political sciences". I think this course is particularly important because it conveyed a great deal of important information about studying at the University of Potsdam (e.g., finding your way around the university campus, introducing the course of studies and the individual disciplines). I also thought it was very important to learn basic skills in political science, along with the intensive daily work and practice. The lecturers were always very friendly, patient, and very skilled in their subjects. For me as an international student, this course was very helpful and a very good preparatory step for studying at the Uni Potsdam. I can only recommend this course to every international student.

Aminat S. (Russia, Political Science)

I completed my bachelor’s degree in my homeland two years ago, so I’m familiar with university life. But I'd studied the humanities, and now I’m switching to the natural sciences. I found the mathematics and physics courses particularly helpful to prepare for my degree program. The teachers explained everything very well and the courses were small, so all of the students got enough personal attention. I also gained insights into the German university system, which in some ways is completely different from the university system that I know, as well as making new friends and acquaintances from every corner of the world. I also want to say one thing about the International Office: they were outstanding!

Sarah H. (USA, Life Sciences)

I am 100% sure that the courses were very useful and helpful for me. My courses were business studies, mathematics, statistics, German as a foreign language, Excel, and tutorials. All of this made the start of my university studies easier, and it’s the best preparation for all international students.

Momchil G. (Bulgaria, Business Studies)

What’s the first thing you run into when you arrive at a university? A new challenge, a new adventure, and the ultimate opportunity to expand your horizons. That may sound very exciting, but is it also true for international students? On one hand you could say yes, yet from my personal experience there are lots of headaches besides the positive factors. The young men and women who come from all over the world to attend university in Germany have very different preconceived notions about university study. Young people have to re-learn a great deal about such topics as projects, presentations, deadlines, teamwork, and footnotes. It’s best if you learn about these things before you start your studies, not while you’re in the thick of it! Zessko’s preparatory phase for international students helps a lot with this. I completed the preparatory phase in 2010, and I still use the documents they gave me at that time. I strongly recommend this introductory program to all first-year students.

Oleg B. (History/Russian Studies)

In the preparatory courses I learned the most important mathematical and technological terminology for computer science, the essentials about university life, its organization and how university study is set up. As an international student who speaks a foreign language, there are a lot of challenges at the beginning. The services offered by the Center for Languages and Key Competences helped me to find my way. I strongly recommend that everyone take as many courses as possible. I encountered many of the topics from the preparatory courses again during my first semester.

Oscar A. Q. (-, Computer Sciences)

I’m very pleased that I attended the preparation course in September 2010. I improved my German and dusted off my math skills. I wrote and presented my first seminar paper at the end of the course. The teachers are very nice, friendly, and always ready to offer a helping hand. And of course I met a lot of nice new people.

Anna B. (Moldavia, Business/Russian Studies)