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What is EPOS?

What is EPOS?

EPOS stands for Electronic Portfolio for Languages. EPOS is

  • Internet-based, thereby enabling flexible learning in terms of timing and location,
  • multimedial, facilitating the use of various media formats,
  • interactive, enabling exchange among learners and between learners and advisors.

What can I do with EPOS?

EPOS provides support for your learning processes in language courses. You can also set learning goals for yourself outside of coursework and pursue them. EPOS offers the opportunity to document your learning process and get feedback. Students use EPOS for example to prepare for a semester abroad, supplement learning in a tandem, or document their own learning processes for acquiring certificates.


How does EPOS work?

EPOS is constructed in a modular way. Depending on your own needs and goals, you can use some or all of the following functions.

  • With EPOS, you can evaluate and document your own competences. For example, EPOS enables you to estimate your language skill levels (A2, B1, ...) based on specific statements. In addition, you can gather products from your learning process (audio files, texts, ...) to use them again in other contexts.
  • EPOS can support your learning process by helping you to articulate your own learning objectives, present the results, and reflect upon your own learning process. With EPOS, you can also visibly show your learning progress in your subject, for yourself and for others.
  • With EPOS, you can also get feedback on your learning process (from students and teachers), as well as exchange and collaboratively learn with other learners (collaborative learning groups).


Who can help me to work with EPOS?

This page provides a few practical instructions (PDF documents in German) for working with portfolios. In addition, you can also consult with our team at any time.



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