UNIcert® III - Make-up and Repeat Examinations

Repeat Examinations

An exam is scored as “insufficient” / “NB” / “5.0” if

  • One or more parts of the exam were not passed
  • the student does not appear at the examination, without valid reasons, or leaves the examination without valid reasons

The exam candidates must register again in a timely fashion for the exam, both in PULS and at Zessko.

Make-up Examinations

If an exam candidate does not appear to one or several exam dates due to illness (doctor’s note / certificate attesting to inability to work) – a copy of this document must be sent in a timely fashion to Zessko – then the exam candidate must register again in a timely fashion at Zessko.

The following information is required for the organization of the test

    1. Last name, first name:
    2. Student ID number:
    3. Semester (summer or winter semester) in which the course was completed in PULS:
    4. The instructor with whom the course was completed:
    5. Is this a make-up examination or the first/second repeat examination:
    6. Which part(s) of the exam need to be repeated

 via email to Sabine Rauch

Make-up and Repeat Examinations III/1


Listening: , Griebnitzsee, building 6, room

Speaking: , Griebnitzsee, building 6, room

Registration: until the

Make-up Examinations III/2

Date: 30.03.2020

Listening: 09:00, Griebnitzsee, building 6, room 0.13

Reading & Writing: 10:00-14:00, Griebnitzsee, building 6, room 1.17 (Mediothek)

Speaking: 10:00, Griebnitzsee, building 6, room 0.13

Registration: until the 18th of March 2020

Repeat Examinations III/2

The Repeat Examinations for UNIcert® III/2 take place at the end of the following semester.