Supplementary Certificates

Group of students around a table with laptops and writing material, discussing
Photo: K. Fritze

Interdisciplinary gender studies as a supplement to a degree program

Students have the opportunity to expand and deepen their employability by acquiring competence in gender perspectives. The certificate should provide students with the necessary skills and methods to enable them to use scientifically-based judgment, critically classify their results, proceed systematically with their assignments and be reflexive with regard to gender equality.

The starting point is the perspective that the difference among genders and the relevance of gender difference are socially constructed socially and culturally determined. The systematic consideration of the historical, cultural and social context provides insight into the social production of this context: in everyday and professional interactions, in institutional arrangements, in intertwined dimensions of division, in cultural attitudes and stereotypes, in local and global relationships and much more.


What is gender and diversity competence?

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