Teacher Training in the Context of Current Forced Migration - Regional and Global Perspectives, Stimuli, and Investigations"

Refugee Teachers Program at the University of Potsdam (Germany) 28. & 29. June 2018

Background and occasion

At the moment there is hardly any topic that dominates the current discussions in the public more than all challenges related to refugee-induced migration. Worldwide there are more than 65 million people on the run, caused by war andprosecution (see UNHCR, 2017). Most of these people live as initially displaced persons in their country of origin or find accommodation in adjacent neighboring countries like Turkey, Lebanon or Pakistan. Since 2016 Germany belongs to the ten main receiving countries of people in need of protection (see Pro Asyl, 2017). Recent asylum statistics show that in 2017 186.644 asylum seekers got registered in Germany (see Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, 2018).

Migration does not only force people into action but also actuates sociocultural and institutional structures followed by pedagogical and scientific practices. Accordingly, educational institutes have to deal with the consequences of forced migration mobility and herein associated changes in different areas of pedagogical education. This is where the teacher training as part of a vocational learning approach plays its key role as it supports refugee teachers to access their profession and improves their qualifications in the country in which they migrate. There is no doubt that teacher training is a highly relevant topic on the sociopolitical level and its educational aspects. Currently Germany and German-speaking countries build on a handful of such qualifying teacher training programs with innovative ideas and concepts adequately giving teachers with foreign educational attainment and migration experience(s) the chance to get access to teacher professions.It is the aim of the present conference to nurture the discussion of these migration-induced challenges to pursue a fruitful discussion, to strengthen existing networks and to yield sustainable solutions.


Goal and target audience

  • Presentations of the conference are going to deal with the following topics:
  •  Conceptional requirements regarding practices in education
  • Content and curriculum of programs
  •  Pedagogical expertise required for a migration-sensitive school system
  • Competences of and qualification for project members
  • Srategies for recruitment procedures
  • Possibilities and limits for refugee teachers at schools  
  • Recognition of foreign achieved qualifications and experience
  • Theoretical and methodological approaches of program evaluation

Program of the conference

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Conference organisation:

PD Dr. Daniela Niesta Kayser
Dr. Anna Aleksandra Wojciechowicz
Prof. Dr. Miriam Vock

Conference promoter

"Tolerantes Brandenburg"/ Bündnis für Brandenburg

Congress Award Potsdam 2018

The international conference "Teacher Training in the Context of Current Forced Migration - Regional and Global Perspectives, Stimuli, and Investigations"  was awarded within the category of innovative and/or out of the ordinary events of the capital city Potsdam with the Congress Award Potsdam 2018.


Dr. Anna Aleksandra Wojciechowicz

Project manager

"We are very happy about this award. It shows us that  our project  work contributes to the broad public perception of the subject of teacher education within the frame of flight;  not only among the professional community, but also in the city of Potsdam and in the region of Brandenburg. It motivates us when the goal of our project of opening access to the teaching profession to the target group of refugee teachers gets acceptation and approval in the region. "