Objectives and target group

Photo: Karla Fritze

Objectives and target group

At the beginning of 2016, the University of Potsdam initiated a qualification project for refugee teachers. The program is financed by the Brandenburg Ministry of Science, Research, and Culture in the second funding period.The project’s main objective is to help provide entry into the Brandenburg school system. Eligible are refugee academics who successfully completed their teacher training abroad, who have already worked as a teacher in their home country, and who want to work as pedagogic professionals at a school in Brandenburg.

The 18-month program provides a linguistic and pedagogical qualification, a consultation on occupational perspectives, and it helps overcome structural hurdles when accessing the profession of teaching. Through the University of Potsdam’s educational opportunities, the participants can improve their language proficiency, gaining level C1, become acquainted with Brandenburg’s lessons, schools as well as the culture of the teaching profession, and they can extend their professional and pedagogical knowledge. After successfully completing the program, the participants will be granted a C1 language certificate as well as a pedagogical certificate. The full-time qualification prepares them for a one- to twoyear occupation as a “teaching assistant” or a “pedagogical teaching help” at public schools in Brandenburg. After finishing these, they can take part in extra occupational qualifications – equal to those of lateral entry employees.

Content and structure of the program 


1.    Semester

2.    Semester

3.    Semester

basic module:

·     German (target B2)    

·      Pronunciation

·      computer practice

advanced module:

·         German (target C1)

·         pedagogical introduction

·         school excursions

 specialization module:

·         German (target C1)

·        school internship

·         school pedagogics

·         teaching methodology

·         migration pedagogics

01.04. – 30.09.2019

01.10.2019 – 31.03.2020

01.04. – 30.09.2020

Organizational structures

The program is under the direction of the ZeLB project team, who is responsible for the overall conception and coordination. The program’s scholarly monitoring is lead by Prof. Dr. Miriam Vock (professorship of empirical teaching and intervention research). The Center for Languages and Key Competences (Zessko), an experienced facility for foreign language training, is in charge of the German courses. Moreover, regular events at the Center of Information Technology and Media Management (computer practice), the department of didactics, mathematics, and teaching English as a foreign language will be open to participants of the Refugee Teachers Program.