Job-specific advice for experienced teachers with foreign qualifications

The individual advice and support of the ZeLB working group Refugee Teachers Program supports the current participants as well as the more than 90 graduates of the Refugee Teachers Program with questions about further qualification paths, the entry into the school service or the establishment as a teacher at schools in the state of Brandenburg. We are also happy to be the first point of contact if problems arise while working as an assistant teacher or pedagogical teaching assistant.

We are happy to support our graduates in personal consultations on the following topics:

  • Description and meaning of  claim for an equivalence assessment procedure for  foreign certificates
  • Application for recognition of foreign teaching qualifications as an equivalent teaching qualification  for schools in the state of Brandenburg
  • Explanation of the ministerial decision on the recognition of the foreign teaching qualification as an equivalent teaching qualification in the state of Brandenburg; if necessary, consultation with the responsible counterparts at the Ministry
  • Overview of qualification paths and offers
  • Decision making for a further qualification path, taking into account formal, personal and private requirements
  • Application for a compensation measure according to the LQAV
  • Questions regarding further employment / reapplying by the school authorities
  • Advise on the making of optimal application documents for school service
  • Conveying strategies for job search for school work
  • Overview of job-specific and part-time language courses or language exams
  • Looking for opportunities for a professional reorientation, referral to the right responsible office
  • Networking with other graduates to exchange experiences

ATTENTION: Personal advice is currently only possible via email, phone or video chat. Please contact us to arrange an individual consultation appointment by email. Please describe briefly your consulting needs. We strive for quick response.