Master of Arts National and International Administration and Policy (MANIA)

FAQ on the master's program National and International Administration and Policy (MAN NIA)

There you get the answers of the most frequently asked questions about the MA NIA program. You will find the information on admission in the university’s regulations. Please read these carefully.

  • General Admission Regulations for Master’s Degree Programs not related to teacher education
  • Subject-Specific Admission Regulations for the Master’s Degree Program in National and International Administration and Policy

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The Master’s Degree Program in National and International Administration and Policy (MANIA) is the unique opportunity to study public administration and public policy with a strong international orientation in Germany, and to access a professional field that covers international responsibilities. The degree program offers students completely new opportunities to prepare for a scientific and academic career due to its interdisciplinary structure and the chance to be part of a Fast-Track Doctoral Stream, i.e. working towards a doctoral degree during the Master’s program. The University of Potsdam is one of the most renowned institutions for political and administrative sciences. It stands out with its proximity to local and national government and administrative institutions, both in Potsdam and the German capital Berlin.

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The interdisciplinary program opens up the possibility to examine political and administrative subjects with reference to different disciplines like law, sociology, and economics. It integrates two track that are imperative for scientific work. Students acquire or consolidate their knowledge of the theoretical foundations and expand their competences in qualitative and quantitative research methodology and research work due to close integration into the lecturers’ research projects through project seminars. The language of instruction in this Master’s program is English. This enables students to learn and research in English during their studies and also contributes to the Faculty’s internationalization.

There is worldwide demand for the scholarly authority of Potsdam’s scientists. As consultants, they are active on all levels: in municipalities, in federal and state governments, at the EU, OECD, or World Bank. Students benefit from the wide range of academic and practical experience.

Special Program Features   

  • Unique opportunity of a Master’s degree in “Public Administration/Policy” that is completely taught in English
  • Strong international focus of the program
  • Faculty reputation and expertise in public administration, public policy, and management
  • Appealing university location close to government and administrative institutions of all levels
  • Excellent international networking and high research density
  • Interdisciplinary course design of the Master’s program and close cooperation between the departments
  • Opportunity to prepare dissertation already during the Master’s program (fast-track stream)
  • Outstanding career opportunities in Germany and abroad, particularly international responsibilities