International Activities

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The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences has set itself the task to systematically support studying abroad. We will assist you in organizing your stay in a foreign country. In close cooperation with the International Relations Office we offer a wide array of advisory services. The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences recognizes course achievements and examination results accomplished at a foreign university in accordance with the rules of the Lisbon Convention.

There are various possibilities if you are interested in studying abroad. The easiest way is to take part in a program.

  • ERASMUS (EU mobility program)
  • University partnership program of the University of Potsdam (for studies outside Europe)
  • Individual application

ERASMUS is among the most popular exchange programs in Europe. Each year about 200,000 students use this opportunity to study 3-12 months at a university in Europe and to gain international experience. Die Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences has an extensive ERASMUS network. Our partner universities are in Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Madrid, Budapest, Tartu, Paris, Lille, Bologna, Ankara, Poznań, Barcelona, and Athens, to name just a few.

Are you interested in a stay abroad within the framework of the ERASMUS program? Then you should visit the ERASMUS website of the Faculty. You can find information on the application procedures and on the “rules” (e.g. obligatory conclusion of learning agreements) you have to follow for a full recognition of your achievements. You will also find the right contact person for your questions.

The International Relations Office of the University of Potsdam is the central point for all issues related to studying abroad. The website of the International Relations Office provides comprehensive information and useful tips on studying abroad. Its staff members are available for counseling interviews. They will support you in the planning your stay abroad.