Post-doctoral dissertation (Habilitation)

Coordinator Doctorates & Habilitations

The Habilitation, or post-doctoral degree, is the highest university degree that can be awarded. An academic examination procedure determines the candidate’s suitability for teaching (facultas docendi) in an academic field. The recognition of a teaching qualification (facultas legendi) is the prerequisite for the additional issuance of a teaching permit or an authorization to teach (venia legendi), which, unlike the teaching qualification, is tied to regular teaching commitments. The Habilitation is meant to ascertain whether the scholar can represent the full breadth of his or her field in research. The Habilitation is an often important step towards becoming a professor, yet it is neither necessary nor sufficient.

You will find all required information on a Habilitation on the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences on this page.

Coordinator Doctorates & Habilitations



  • A doctoral degree with at least a “satisfactory” evaluation from a university or equivalent institution in the relevant field, 
  • A Habilitation thesis, or scholarly work that is equivalent to a Habilitation thesis,
  • Evidence of sufficient teaching experience,
  • Evidence of relevant scholarly work after the completion of the doctorate. This should be documented by publications customary for the field.


Please submit the following documents to the Dean of the Faculty: 

An application for admission to post-doctoral qualification, submitted in writing to the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. This document must identify the subject area for which the candidate wishes to receive permission to teach, as well as the following documents:

  • a curriculum vitae that presents the candidate’s professional career,
  • a single copy of the doctoral dissertation,
  • the doctoral degree certificate,
  • a list of additional scholarly publications,
  • at least seven copies of the documentation qualifying the candidate for an Habilitation,
  • a list of courses taught,
  • a declaration regarding ongoing or concluded Habilitation procedures.

You should also include further scholarly publications that do not belong to the documentation qualifying the candidate for an Habilitation. These serve merely to illustrate the applicant’s scholarly work, yet will not be part of the evaluation. 

The Dean acknowledges receipt of the application and documents and then performs a formal review.