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Research & Young Academics

Thanks to an ongoing process of development, the Faculty has become a unique and independent trademark. They work day in, day out, to implement central university goals such as raising the profile of research, offering research-based teaching, international positioning, recruiting outstanding professors, and promoting sustainable knowledge transfer. 

The Research Training Group "Wicked Problems, Contested Administrations" (WIPCAD), supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG), is particularly important for the Faculty in this regard. The Faculty contains a series of research and transfer institutions, including Potsdam Transfer, the Potsdam Center for Policy and Management (PCPM), and the Institute of Local Government Studies (KWI), which is situated in both the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences. 

The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences offers opportunities for doctoral studies and post-doctoral qualification. Doctoral studies demonstrate the ability to conduct profound scientific work and constitute the starting point of a career in scholarship. The Habilitation (post-doctoral dissertation) is the highest qualification that can be obtained at a university. This scholarly examination process determines whether the candidate can represent the full breadth of his or her field in research and teaching, and whether he or she is allowed to teach.

Research Profile

Overview of the faculty’s research profile

Current Projects

Overview of faculty projects

Focus Area

Information on the focus area “Public Policy and Management”

Research Training Group WIPCAD

Information on the DFG-supported research training group Wicked Problems, Contested Administration

Doctoral Studies

Information on earning a doctorate on the Faculty

Post-doctoral Dissertation (Habilitation)

Information on completing a Habilitation (post-doctoral dissertation) on the Faculty

Information on institutions that support research at the University of Potsdam