Internationalization at Home

Internationalization at Home” means creating a professional, intercultural atmosphere within the Faculty. The idea of Internationalization at Home is focused in particular on students who are unable to complete a stay abroad during the course of their studies.

In this context, special value is attributed to international curricula, international courses of study, and intercultural offerings, as well as the use of technology to promote virtual mobility (especially E-Learning). Of course, those students who have enjoyed an international experience are also included in these measures.

In fact, this target group provides important stimuli by conveying their intercultural competencies gained abroad, which can motivate those students who have not yet planned a stay abroad.

Dual Degree Programs

The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences offers several courses of study in cooperation with international partner institutions.

International Courses of Study

The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences offers an array of international courses of study:

English-language Instruction

The different orientation of the subjects on the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences assumes that not all subjects can be offered partially in the English language.

English-language courses are clearly identified in the course catalogs for the subjects in the economic and the social sciences, and the University of Potsdam’s International Course Catalog also offers relevant summaries and tips.