Global Café

Global Cafe
Photo: Marius Amfalder

The idea to establish a Global Café as a common activity of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences and the Potsdam Center for Policy and Management, Master of Public Management, was born in the winter semester 2013/2014. The main objective is to sensitize the members of the Faculty for international issues and to strengthen an inter-cultural atmosphere. The national and international students and staff-members should get a good frame for coming together, for communication and for discussing special topics and issues. Because of the problem of space – a room for a Global Café -, we decided to start at first with a couple of discussions about actual problems in the international political context.  These events have met with good response.


Guadeloupe. European and Carribean Region?

  • Referent:  Nicolas Parvin
  • Moderation:  Egor Bobrov, Tutor UP
  • Termin:  7. Juli 2020


Syria: White & Black. A sun that was drowned

  • Referenten:  Khaled Urfa (UP) und Khaled Khudr (FU Berlin)
  • Moderation:  Egor Bobrov, Tutor UP
  • Termin:  7. Juni 2019


Belt and Road Initiative: New Round of Chinese Open-Up Policy and its Impact on Globalization

  • Speaker: Prof. Dr. Shiwei Shi and Prof. Dr. Junhua Zhang (PR China)
  • Moderator: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Bürklin
  • Date: 13. June 2017


The Argentinian military dictatorship of 1976

  • Speaker and Moderator: Lucia Viscuso
  • Date: 18. July 2016


Anti-Gay laws in Uganda

  • Speaker and Moderator: Obed Kambasu (Uganda)
  • Date: 4. July 2016


Journalists: Villains or Allies for Social Sciences?

  • Speaker: Juan Mayorga (Mexiko) & Rico Grimm (Deutschland)
  • Moderator: Ms Stefanie Arndt
  • Date: 27. April 2015


Development through Empowerment: 'Successes and Challenges?

  • Speaker: Kave Bishogo (South Afrika) & Ulrike Haupt (Ethiopia)
  • Moderator: Mr Alexander Knoth
  • Date: 15. December 2014


Drone Wars

  • Speaker: Amna Yamin (Pakistan), Thomas McGath and Hjalmar Breit (both USA)
  • Moderator: Dr. Ulrike Lorenz-Carl
  • Date: 14. July 2014


Wohin geht die Ukraine? Probleme und Perspektiven für einen friedlichen Weg nach Europa

  • Speaker:  Olha Papach, Volodymyr Kokhan, Nataliia Nikitiuk (all Ukraine)
  • Moderator: apl. Prof. Dr. Jochen Franzke
  • Date: 28. April 2014