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Global Café

Global Cafe
Photo: Marius Amfalder

The idea to establish a Global Café as a common activity of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences and the Potsdam Center for Policy and Management, Master of Public Management, was born in the winter semester 2013/2014. The main objective is to sensitize the members of the Faculty for international issues and to strengthen an inter-cultural atmosphere. The national and international students and staff-members should get a good frame for coming together, for communication and for discussing special topics and issues. Because of the problem of space – a room for a Global Café -, we decided to start at first with a couple of discussions about actual problems in the international political context.  These events have met with good response.


You are interested in international politics and want to learn about political and social issues in the home countries of our international students? This December the Global Café returns! Like in previous years students from all around the world will talk about selected topics.

Taking place as an online format, the subject of this years edition will be:

Covid-19 management from the perspective of France and Russia (December 8, 2021)

Join the event and contribute to an exciting discussion!

Meeting-ID: 618 8598 2321
Kenncode: 02782031

In case you have any questions regarding this event, please don't hesitate to send us an email.

Sören Freisem (sowitutoruni-potsdamde)
Daniel Zingel (wiwitutoruni-potsdamde)


Migration from the perspective of Turkey

  • Speaker: Seyhan Kantar 
  • Moderator: Sören Freisem und Daniel Zingel
  • Date: 20. Juni 2021


The abortion ban in Poland 

  • Speaker: Dominika Matusz
  • Moderator: Sören Freisem und Daniel Zingel
  • Date: 24. Juni 2021


Covid-19 and the EU- European economic recovery plan 

  • Speaker: Mirsada Ceraj
  • Moderator: Sören Freisem und Daniel Zingel
  • Date: 24. Juni 2021


The situation in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem. Background and current situation

  • Speaker: Zeinah Kamel 
  • Moderator: Sören Freisem, Daniel Zingel, Prof. Dr. Mackert, Amit Gilutz, und Batoul Abu-Yahya
  • Date: 1. Juli 2021


Guadeloupe. European and Carribean Region?

  • Speaker:  Nicolas Parvin
  • Moderator:  Egor Bobrov, Tutor UP
  • Date:  7. Juli 2020


Syria: White & Black. A sun that was drowned

  • Speaker:  Khaled Urfa (UP) und Khaled Khudr (FU Berlin)
  • Moderator:  Egor Bobrov, Tutor UP
  • Date:  7. Juni 2019


Belt and Road Initiative: New Round of Chinese Open-Up Policy and its Impact on Globalization

  • Speaker: Prof. Dr. Shiwei Shi and Prof. Dr. Junhua Zhang (PR China)
  • Moderator: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Bürklin
  • Date: 13. June 2017


The Argentinian military dictatorship of 1976

  • Speaker and Moderator: Lucia Viscuso
  • Date: 18. July 2016


Anti-Gay laws in Uganda

  • Speaker and Moderator: Obed Kambasu (Uganda)
  • Date: 4. July 2016


Journalists: Villains or Allies for Social Sciences?

  • Speaker: Juan Mayorga (Mexiko) & Rico Grimm (Deutschland)
  • Moderator: Ms Stefanie Arndt
  • Date: 27. April 2015


Development through Empowerment: 'Successes and Challenges?

  • Speaker: Kave Bishogo (South Afrika) & Ulrike Haupt (Ethiopia)
  • Moderator: Mr Alexander Knoth
  • Date: 15. December 2014


Drone Wars

  • Speaker: Amna Yamin (Pakistan), Thomas McGath and Hjalmar Breit (both USA)
  • Moderator: Dr. Ulrike Lorenz-Carl
  • Date: 14. July 2014


Wohin geht die Ukraine? Probleme und Perspektiven für einen friedlichen Weg nach Europa

  • Speaker:  Olha Papach, Volodymyr Kokhan, Nataliia Nikitiuk (all Ukraine)
  • Moderator: apl. Prof. Dr. Jochen Franzke
  • Date: 28. April 2014