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YearNameTeaching Qualification
2014Dr. Florian Becker-RitterspachBusiness Administration
2014Dr. Gideon BotschPolitical Science
2013Dr. Gregor FitziSociology
2013Dr. Christine WeinbachSociology
2010Dr. Stefan BachEconomics
2010Dr. Susanne VölkerSociology
2010Dr. Heidemarie WinkelSociology
2009Dr. Tino MichalskiBusiness Administration
2008Dr. Victoria Kaina Political Science
2008Dr. Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski Political Science
2008Dr. Fritz ReusswigSociology
2008Dr. Sandra Seubert Political Science
2008Dr. Eva-Maria ZiegeSociology

Dr. Irene Zierke (Umhabilitation)

Social Structure Analysis
2007Dr. Sabine Kuhlmann Political and Administrative Sciences
2006Dr. Michael Rohloff Business Information Systems
2006Dr. Achim SeisreinerBusiness Administration
2006Dr. Ulrich Thießen Economics
2006Dr. Thomas von Winter (Umhabilitation)Political Science
2005Dr. Marian DöhlerPolitical and Administrative Sciences
2003Dr. Uwe JunPolitical and Administrative Sciences