Information by the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences in regards to the impact of the Covid-19 measures

Dear students, dear prospective students of the University of Potsdam, dear Erasmus students,

this page shall provide all faculty-relevant information regarding the current events. If you are currently studying at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, or are enrolling for the 2020 summer semester, you will find all relevant news here. We keep this site up to date, in addition you can also stay informed on the following sites:

The University of Potsdam has created a central information website about the Coronavirus aimed at students and employees.

Division 2: Student Affairs has also created an information site including an FAQ on the impact of the Covid-19 measures on studies and teaching. This page is continuously updated and expanded.

The University library has compiled a site with all important information regarding electronic resources.

Students are asked not to visited the campus at this time. All personal office hours are cancelled until further notice. The canteens, cafeterias, libraries and computer labs are closed. There will be no in-person class events until at least 19.04.2020.

The winter semester 2020/2021 will commence as planned on October 1st 2020. The lecture period however, won’t start nationwide until November 1st.

Please keep in mind that we are facing a unique and dynamic situation in which changes may occur at any given time.

 (status on: 09.04.2020)

Message by the dean of studies – Information on the summer semester 2020 for students (update 09.04.2020)

Dear students,

surely, you are eagerly following the developments regarding studies and teaching at the University of Potsdam. As the beginning of the summer semester is approaching, I would like to give you some information that might be helpful for your planning: 

1) Teaching program:


Many instructors of our faculty have been intensively working on switching all courses to online formats since the announcement was made that the summer semester would begin on April 20th. Courses will be offered in different ways; I’d like to introduce you to a few typical formats:

- Synchronous online classes: These types of classes include a regular exchange via chat, voice-chat or video at a set date. Oral presentations can be included with this format. The predominantly used meeting software will be Zoom.

- Asynchronous online classes: With these types of classes you will be receiving materials to study on your own. This can include texts for you to read and work through (e.g. available via Moodle) or videos and recordings. Your questions can be answered in online forums.

- Synchronous/Asynchronous: Many courses will be offered as a mix of synchronous and asyncchronous tools. This way, you can work on tasks on your own and then discuss them virtually with your class at a later date.

- Block seminars: Courses that cannot be converted to an online format may -- if possible – be conducted at a later date (expectedly June/ July) as block seminars.

Even if contact restrictions are lifted, instructors can decide themselves whether they would like to offer their courses in an online format for the rest of the semester or switch back to in-person classes.

Courses that cannot be held this semester have already been removed from PULS. You can find additional information on the course catalog on the websites of the professorships or in the respective Moodle courses. If you have any questions regarding courses, please contact the instructor of the course.


2) Access to software


Zoom: The University of Potsdam is acquiring a license for the meeting software Zoom so that you may have free access. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot say when the software will be available. The departments responsible are aware of the urgency and working on a quick solution. I recommend that you become familiar with the free test version of Zoom until the license is available, as the functions are identical. The features that the data protection officer has identified as problematic will be turned off for the University of Potsdam.

Microsoft Office: The University of Potsdam is taking part in the federal framework contract with Microsoft, so there will be a license available soon, too. The Office-Package 365 is already available for download at Microsoft free of charge for instructors and students.

Stata: For the duration of the computer labs being closed you may install Stata on your computer. Your instructors will inform you on how to obtain access to the software.


3) Availability of staff


The University of Potsdam is currently under emergency presence operation. This means that there are no in-person office hours. Please use email for all requests.


I know that these circumstances are difficult both for instructors and for students.

Changing courses to online formats is a lot of additional effort for instructors both in planning and in implementing the courses. I appreciate their extraordinary dedication. Rest assured that all staff of the faculty is dedicated to avoiding any disadvantages for your course of studies. Therefore, I would like to kindly ask you for your understanding and patience, as the beginning of the semester may be a little bumpy.


Kind regards

U. Kohler

Dean of studies

Update - 25.03.2020

As previously announced, the university administration and faculties have agreed upon resuming courses on April 20th. Enrollment for classes will start on this date as well.
However, we have to presume that in-person classes will not be possible by April 20th.
The instructors of the faculty are currently working on a (possibly reduced) alternate course catalog including online courses and also block seminars in consultation with the dean of studies.

You will receive further information in PULS and on the websites of the professorships.

Information for prospective students for the summer semester 2020

Unfortunately, the welcome events of all Economics and Social Sciences programs as well as the introductory event Master.UP had to be cancelled. Nevertheless, we would like to provide the information you would have normally received during these events here to ease the start of your studies. 

Economics (Betriebswirschaftslehre, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Wirtschaft-Arbeit-Technik)

Your contact person for Economics is Mrs. Bettina Frenz, she is available via phone and email. 

Bettina Frenz I I +49 331 977-3262

Below you can find summarized information as a replacement for the welcome events.

The presentation of the welcome event for students of the Master of Science in Economics can be found here. 

The presentation of the welcome event for students of the Master of Science in Betriebswirtschaftslehre can be found here.


Social Sciences (Politik und Verwaltung, Politische Bildung, Soziologie)

Your contact person for Social Sciences is Mrs. Dr. Birgit Kletzin, she is available via email.

Dr. Birgit Kletzin I

All information you would have normally received during the welcoming event for Social Sciences is available  here. This information should ease the start of your studies and refer you to important contacts. 

Please keep in mind that the staff of the faculty is partially working from home and therefore possibly only available via email.



The interdisciplinary introductory event Master.UP is aimed at all new master students of the faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Potsdam. You can receive all relevant information here, regardless of your major. 

Please also refer to your program-specific study regulations and the general regulations for non-education bachelor and master programs (BAMA-O).


Information for all students of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Cancelled exams of the winter semester (status on: 26.03.2020)

Prof. Dr. Fuhr: Einführung in die internationale Politik I Date: 18.03.2020

Prof. Dr. Fleischer: Politisches System Deutschlands im europäischen Kontext I Date: 17.03.2020

Prof. Dr. Krämer: Einführung in die Politik- und Verwaltungswissenschaft (repeat exam) I Date: 02.04.2020

Dr. Dörfler: Theories of International Institutions and Organizations (repeat exam) I Date: 19.03.2020

Dr. Krawietz/F. Class:  V Datenanalyse I (Empirische Methoden II) (repeat exam) I Date: 17.03.2020

Stoppel/ Dr. Michelsen: Wirtschaftspolitik I Date: 31.03.2020

Prof. Dr. Borck: Staat und Allokation I Date: 02.04.2020

Prof. Dr. Borck: Urban Economics I Date: 02.04.2020

Prof. Dr. Kohler: Applied Regression Analysis Using Stata (repeat exam) I Date: 30.03.2020

Prof. Dr. Krasnova: Social Media Research I Datum: 30.03.2020 I postponed to: 22.06.2020

If the cancellation of an exam has led to prolonging your studies, exceptions could be made and an alternate testing date may be offered. Please contact the respective instructors or contact Mrs. Frenz (Economics) or Mrs. Dr. Kletzin (Social Sciences).


Teaching in the summer semester 2020

At this time, the beginning of the summer semester has been postponed to April 20th. The course catalog has been adjusted accordingly. We cannot give any information yet on how the summer semester will take place. The office of the dean of studies and all instructors are in constant communication to plan the summer semester for you and to ensure you will not suffer any disadvantages. Unfortunately, it is not possible yet to determine any alternate dates for cancelled exams.

You will be updated regularly on any changes.

Information for Erasmus students (Outgoing & Incoming)

All Erasmus students have already been notified via email by the International Office of the University of Potsdam or their respective partner university. All events have been cancelled. Additionally, all program and exchange students of the summer semester 2020 have been asked not to travel to Potsdam. Students going abroad in the coming academic year are receiving all pertinent information via email. The Erasmus info-event scheduled for April 15th is cancelled.

The tutors  Egor Bobrov for Social Sciences and  Daniel Zingel for economics are available.

Please keep in mind that the staff of the International Office is partially working from home and therefore not always reachable via phone.