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Faculty Members

Harald Fuhr (Spokesperson)

Professor of International Politics


Research Profile:

  • Environmental Policy
  • International Politics and Development
  • Public Policy in Developing Countries

Isabella Proeller (Deputy Spokesperson)

Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management


Research profile:

  • Strategic and Performance Management in the Public Sector
  • International Public Management Reform

Maja Apelt

Professor of Organizational and Administrative Sociology II


Research profile:

  • Organizational Sociology
  • Military Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Organizational Analysis and Organizational Theory
  • Military Administrations

Falk Daviter

Junior Professor of Administration and Policy


Research profile:

  • Policy Analysis
  • Public Administration
  • EU Politics
  • Biotechnology Regulation

Thomas Edeling

Professor Emeritus of Organizational and Administrative Sociology


Research profile:

  • Organizational Analysis and Organizational Theory
  • Public Enterprises

Steffen Ganghof

Professor of Comparative Politics


Research profile:

  • Comparative Government and Public Policy
  • Democratic Theory
  • Tax Policy

Klaus H. Goetz

Norbert Gronau

Professor of Business Information Systems and Electronic Government


Research profile:

  • Changeability of Architectures and Processes
  • Knowledge Management
  • Critical Infrastructures
  • Electronic Government

Moreen Heine

Junior Professor of Business Informatics


Research profile:

  • Electronic government
  • E-government transfer
  • Usability of e-government solutions
  • Changeability of e-government architectures
  • Critical infrastructures

Maik Heinemann

Professor of Economic Growth, Integration and Sustainable Development (Dean of the Department of Economics and Social Sciences)


Research profile:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Theory of Growth and Distribution
  • Monetary Theory and Policy
  • Imperfections in the Capital Market

Katharina Hölzle

Professor of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship


Research profile:

  • Leadership and Organisation for Innovation
  • Open Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship

Werner Jann

Professor of Political Science, Administration and Organization


Research profile:

  • Comparative Public Administration
  • Administrative Theory
  • Ministries, Agencies

Eric Kearney

Professor of Leadership, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resource Management


Research Profile:

  • Effects of leadership, team composition, and team processes on team performance
  • Synergistic teamwork in diverse teams
  • Leadership in organizations

Kristine Kern

Professor of Governance of Urban Infrastructure and Global Change


Research profile:

  • Governance of Multi-Level Systems
  • EU Studies
  • (Regional) Environmental Governance
  • Sustainable Cities and Regions
  • Marine Governance
  • EU Macro-Regional Strategies
  • Risk Governance & Governance of Disasters

Ulrich Kohler

Professor of Methods of Empirical Social Research


Research profile:

  • Social Inequality
  • Political Participation of Lower Classes
  • Electoral Behaviour

Valeska P. Korff

Junior Professor of Methods of Organisation and Administration Research


Research profile:

  • Institutions and Institutionalization
  • Analysis of Organizational Fields
  • Nonprofit Organizations

Sabine Kuhlmann

Professor of Political Science, Public Administration and Organisation


Research profile:

  • Comparative Public Administration
  • Public-Sector-Reforms
  • Evaluation
  • Better Regulation
  • Local Government

Andrea Liese

Professor of International Organizations and Public Policy


Research profile:

  • International Organizations and Institutions
  • Public-Private Partnerships

Arndt Sorge

Adjunct Professor of Organization and Management


Research profile:

  • Organizational Theory and Management
  • International Management and Organization

Detlef Sprinz

Professor, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences and PIK (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research)


Research profile:

  • Modeling credible commitment to long-term policy (in general) and groundswell approaches (e.g., climate change)
  • policy effectiveness in the environmental field (national, European, global)
  • compensation for environmental damages, incl. attribution problems and legal architecture
  • coalition formation (employing agent-based models)
  • choice of level of optimal regulation in environmental policy
  • modeling environmental transitions, incl. attribution of policy effects over time

Dieter Wagner

Professor Emeritus of Organization and Personnel Management


Research profile:

  • Public Enterprises and Administrations
  • Diversity Management
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Private and Public Management
  • HR-Management
  • University-Spin-offs

Theresa Wobbe

Photo: Ekko von Schwichow

Professor of Sociology of Gender


Research profile:

  • Institutional Gender Analysis
  • Gender Policy Analysis
Photo: Ekko von Schwichow