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(Former) Doctoral Researchers

The researchers’ participation in a tailor-made qualification program allows them to develop their own research agenda in the context of the DFG-funded Research Training Group “WIPCAD”.

Diane Bombart

Research topic: "Negotiating Results-Based Management – Mapping the Culture of Results in the French Development Aid Administration"

Michaela Böhme

Research topic: “Institutionalisierung von Wissensstrukturen in den deutschen Kultusverwaltungen



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André Luiz Campos de Andrade

Research Topic: "Climate Governance: The Role of the Centre of Government to Fostering Low Carbon Transitions"

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Hoda Elshabrawy

Research topic "Democratic Legitimacy in Inter-municipal Cooperation: A Comparative Study of Water Service Provision in Brandenburg and Emilia Romagna"

financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

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Robert Gaede

Research topic: “Exchange of tax information between tax administrations – under what conditions do they cooperate?

Alexander Gaus

Research topic: “The Management of Transgovernmental Networks: Strategies, Goals, and Impact on Inter-agency Collaboration




Raffael Hanschmann

Research topic: “The impact of the economic crisis on EU climate policy-making



Kai Harbrich

Research topic: “Local Government Organizations as Partners in Global Climate Change



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Obed Kambasu

Research Topic: "Attractiveness of government as an employer.  What motivates people to work for government?"

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Minh-Nguyet Le

Research topic: “Design-led public service innovation. Solving wicked problems through design thinking and social entrepreneurship”

Lydia Malmedie

Research topic: “Translating institutional change: The EU’s role in promoting human rights for LGBTI persons in Sub-Sahara Africa.



Mustafa Nasery

Research topic: “Success and failure of civil service reform in Afghanistan.

financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Ina Radtke

Research topic: “Organisational change in reform processes – the regulation of immigration as a wicked issue in comparative perspective

Eva Schindler

Research topic: “Practices and narratives in the implementation of participation mechanisms in urban development programs

Max Oliver Schmidt

Research topic: “The Making of Illegality and Spaces of Insecurity.  Regulating Refugees’ movement within the EU by German and Italian administrations”

Duygu Sonat

Research topic: “The Interplay of Policy Design and Context in Shaping Policy Outputs: Comparative Analysis of Social Assistance Programs Implemented in Turkey

financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)


Basanta Thapa

Research topic: “Big Data in Government: Discursive Proto-Institutionalization of Data-Driven Governance in European Metropolitan Governments”



Vorawan Wannalak

Research topic: "Assessing Chinese Aids for Greening the Mekong: Local Actors and Aid Effectiveness for Low-carbon Transitions in Southeast Asia"

financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)