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Summer School on Geometric Data Analysis in the Study of Transnational Fields and Global Organization

From 9-13 October 2017 WIPCAD member Prof. Dr. Valeska Korff, WIPCAD doctoral fellow Diane Bombart and Christian Schmidt-Wellenburg host the Summer School on geometric data analysis in the study of transnational fields and global organization at the University of Potsdam.

The statistician Brigitte Le Roux and the sociologist Frédéric Lebaropn will offer a practice-oriented training in the methods and methodology of Geometric Data Analysis (GDA). In light of a resurgent interest in field analysis not exclusively, but closely linked to the works of Pierre Bourdieu and his use of Multiple Correspondence Analysis, researchers have increasingly come to recognize the analytical potential of GDA. An approach that combines statistical and interpretive analyses, GDA is also associated with endeavours in sociology and neighbouring disciplines to combine quantitative and visual instruments with qualitative and ethnographic methods to better explore data and depict research findings.

This one-week workshop is to equip PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in the social sciences with the methodological and technical skills needed to apply GDA in their research projects. Besides statistics lectures all participation guest lectures will hold sociology lectures covering issues from Bordieu’s notion of field to populism and social structure in Europe.

With great support of the German-French University, the summer school brings together researchers from Germany, France, Sweden, Poland, Austria and Croatia.

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  • DFG-Research Training Group WIPCAD

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