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Leisure Time Activities for Children and Families

Photo: Welcome Center Potsdam

Potsdam is a family-friendly city with lots of children. There are numerous offerings for children and families, such as regular meetings, play groups, athletic or musical activities, festivals and festivities. You can download the information at the end of this page as well as in the local press, which is updated daily.


Source: pixabay | cocopariesienne

Playgrounds in Volkspark
Pappelallee 4, 14469 Potsdam

Waterplayground at the Freundschaftsinsel

Mäusespielplatz (“Mouse Playground”)
Jägerallee 40, 14469 Potsdam

Various playgrounds along the Havel riverside
“Schneckenspielplatz”, “Piratenboot”, “Havelhorn”

Dino-Dschungel, Auf dem Kiewitt 3, Potsdam

Source: pixabay | cocopariesienne

Lakeside Beaches

Source: pixabay | suju

Lakeside Beach (Waldbad) Templin

Lakeside Beach (Strandbad) in Park Babelsberg

Lakeside Beach (Seebad) in Caputh

Lakeside Beach Werder

Source: pixabay | suju

Family Cafés

Source: pixabay | elizadean

Parent-Child-Café Krümelmonster
Hermann-Elflein-Strasse 21; k-monster.de

El Cafecito
Geschwister-Scholl-Strasse 91; el-cafecito.eatbu.com

Outdoor Café Eden in Park Sanssouci
Lennéstrasse 32; eden-potsdam.de/

Tante Anna  
Gutenbergstrasse 103; tante-anna-cafe.de 

Source: pixabay | elizadean

Sport's Clubs

Source: pixabay | luvmybry

Various sports at the Olympic Sport Club Potsdam (OSC)

Various sports at the Sport Club Potsdam (SC)

Sports program of the University of Potsdam

Source: pixabay | luvmybry
Source: pixabay | Pexels
Source: pixabay | Pexels
Source: pixabay | vereinballschule
Source: pixabay | vereinballschule
Source: pixabay | jenny_thörnberg
Source: pixabay | jenny_thörnberg

Divers Activities

Source: pixabay | Svetlana_Konstantynova
Source: pixabay | Svetlana_Konstantynova
Source: pixabay | Prashant_Sharma

T-Werk Theater
Schiffbauergasse 4E
14467 Potsdam

Circus Training

Source: pixabay | Prashant_Sharma
Source: pixabay | M_W
Source: pixabay | M_W

Skate Parks

Source: pixabay | Wise_Fool

Skate Park at Lindenpark
Stahnsdorfer Strasse 76-78
Bus stop „Lindenpark“ (Bus 616)

Skate Park at Bassin-Platz
Am Bassin 1
Tram/Bus stop “Brandenburger Strasse” (Tram 92, 96)

Skate Park at Umspannwerk
Friedrich-List-Strasse (500m East of Potsdam centrall station)

Source: pixabay | Wise_Fool
Source: pixabay | Markus_Trier

Skate Park in Kantstrasse
Western end of Kantstrasse
Tram/ Bus stop “Kastanienallee/Zeppelinstrasse” (Tram 91, 94, 98)

“Skate-Sofa” at the Volkspark
Tram stop „Volkspark“ (Tram 92, 96)

Source: pixabay | Markus_Trier

Mothers to be & Toddlers

Source: pixabay | thedanw

International Women's and Toddler's Group in Potsdam Golm



Various Parent-Child-Activities

Source: pixabay | thedanw
Photo: Welcome Center Potsdam
Photo: Welcome Center Potsdam

Theme Parks/ Farms

Source: pixabay | eunice vera

Movie Park Babelsberg

Barefoot Park Beelitz

Theme- and Animal Park Germendorf

Aparagus and Adventure Farm Klaistow

Karl's Adventure Farm Elstal

Source: pixabay | eunice vera

Activities for Families and Children from the University of Potsdam

Photo: Gröning

In the Equal Opportunity Coordination Office you can get comprehensive assistance on finding balance between studies, work and family, flexible child care, and further services from the University of Potsdam (the office can be contacted in English).

There is a parent-child room on every university campus with a changing table, toys, a children’s bed, and a workstation.

The Unicamp for University Kids offers a two-week holiday program with lots of activities for 6- to 12-year-old children of university employees (the unicamp organizer can be contacted in English).

At the Children’s University, children can dive into the world of the sciences for one day each September and participate in lectures that have been fine-tuned for children.

Photo: Gröning

Information brochures & Family Pass

Source: pixabay | couleur

Potsdam's family pass includes cultural, athletic and educational offerings for families. Whenever you present it, you receive discounts on several great offers. It is valid for one year starting in July, and available in tourist information centers, selected bookstores and at the city hall for € 2.50.

The family magazine Potskids is published on a monthly basis and provides information about current family  offers. You will find it in facilities for children, centers for families, and online.

The city's website families in Potsdam gives important addresses surrounding the topic of children.

The children’s map of Potsdam shows playgrounds, sports fields and soccer fields, children’s clubs and cultural institutions, sightseeing destinations, and places to experience nature.

Source: pixabay | couleur