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Vote.UP - Central Office and Body Elections at the University of Potsdam

Vote.UP informs on all important aspects of the central office and body elections at the University of Potsdam. These are, in particular, the elections for the Senate, the Faculty Councils, the Assembly of the Center for Teacher Training and Education Research (ZeLB) as well as the elections for the central and decentral Gender Equality Officers.

In brief - Central Elections at the University of Potsdam

At the University of Potsdam, there are a large number of offices and bodies that guide and accompany the fate of the university. Some of them are elected in the central office and body elections, e.g. the Senate and the Faculty Councils.

These elections take place in accordance with the election regulations of the University of Potsdam. They are conducted by the Election Office, the election commissioners and the many dedicated volunteers and student election workers. The General Election Committee is responsible for supervising the elections and determining the general conditions of the elections.

Committee members are regularly elected every two years, and student committee members annually.

Elections are usually conducted as a ballot with the option of voting by post.

Those entitled to vote are informed about upcoming office and committee elections by means of election notices or by e-mail, among other things.