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Dr. Sebastian Eppner

Journal articles

  • Ganghof, S./ Eppner S. (Forthcoming): Faire Repräsentation versus klare Richtungsentscheide? Zur Reform des Wahl- und Regierungssystems, Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft.
  • Ganghof, S./ Eppner, S./ Stecker, C./ Heeß, K./ Schukraft, S. (2019): Do Minority Cabinets Govern More Flexibly and Inclusively? Evidence from Germany, German Politics,  DOI: 10.1080/09644008.2019.1635120  [Link ]
  • Ganghof, S./ Eppner, S./ Pörschke A. (2018): Australian bicameralism as semi-parliamentarism: patterns of majority formation in 29 democracies, Australian Journal of Political Science, 53(2), 211-233. [Link ], related Blog Post
  • Ganghof, S./ Eppner, S./ Pörschke A. (2018): Semi-parliamentary government in perspective: concepts, values, and designs, Australian Journal of Political Science, 53(2), 264-269. [Link ]
  • Ganghof, S./ Eppner, S. (2017): Patterns of Accountability and Representation. Why the Executive-Parties Dimension cannot explain democratic performance, Politics, 39(1), 113-130. [Link | pdf]
  • Eppner, S./ Ganghof, S. (2017):  Institutional Veto Players and Cabinet Formation. The Veto Control Hypothesis Reconsidered. European Journal of Political Research, 56 (1), 169-186. [Link ]
  • Eppner, S./ Ganghof, S. (2015): Do (weak) upper houses matter for cabinet formation? A replication and correction. Research & Politics 2(1). [link] [replication data]
  • Ganghof, S./ Eppner, S./ Heeß, K. (2015): Normative Balance and Electoral Reform. A Finnish Puzzle and a Comparative Analysis. West European Politics, 38(1), 53-72. [link | pdf]
  • Ganghof S./ Stecker C./ Eppner S./ Heeß K. (2012): Flexible und inklusive Mehrheiten? Eine Analyse der Gesetzgebung der Minderheitsregierung in NRW. Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen, 43(4), S. 887-900. [Link]

Doctoral dissertation

  • Eppner, S. (2014): Der Einfluss legislativer Vetopunkte auf die Regierungsbildung. Doctoral dissertation, University of Potsdam, Germany.

Conference and working papers

  • Ganghof, S./ Eppner, S./ Pörschke, A. (2017): Bicameralism as Semi-Parliamentarism: Australia in Comparative Perspective. Working paper, University of Potsdam. [Link]
  • Eppner S./ Ganghof S. (2016): Equilibrium Veto Players. Veto Institutions, Cabinet Formation and Institutional Change. 2016 EPSA General Conference, September 7-10th, Prague. [pdf]
  • Eppner, S./ Ganghof S. (2014): Symmetric Bicameralism and Government Formation. ECPR General Conference 2014, Sep 3-6th, Glasgow.
  • Eppner, S./ Ganghof S. (2014): Cabinet Selection and Removal in the German Länder. ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, April 10th-14th, Salamanca.
  • Ganghof, S. / Eppner, S. / Heeß, K. (2013): Electoral Reform and the Dimensionality of Party Competition. Comparative Lessons from the Finnish Anomaly. EPSA Konferenz 2013. Barcelona.
  • Ganghof, S., & Eppner, S. (2010): Oversized Coalitions in Parliamentary Democracies: Defending the Lijphart-Sjölin Conjecture. Paper presented at the ECPR Graduate Conference, Dublin.