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What's UP

Students on campus | Photo: Matthias Friel

Application Master

Information on the application procedure for the summer semester 2022 | Photo: Matthias Friel

Coronavirus | Photo: AdobeStock/Romolo Tavani

Corona Update

Classroom teaching suspended until January 10 | Photo: AdobeStock/Romolo Tavani


Networked in Europe

University of Potsdam becomes member of network of young European research universities YERUN | Photo: AdobeStock/kmls

A team led by Prof. Dr. Markus Gühr has observed charge motions in light-excited molecules of thiouracil, a modified nucleobase.

Moving charges

Watching the charge move in photoexcited molecules | Photo: Treusch, Picconi, Gühr

Helene Shani Braun | Foto: Dr. Jana Scholz

Young, Jewish, Queer

Helene Shani Braun Wants to Become a Female Rabbi – And Bring Feminism into the Congregations | Photo: Dr. Jana Scholz

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mackert

Zeroing in on Science

Professor of Sociology Jürgen Mackert Supervised Several Scholars at Risk in His Working Group | Photo: Karla Fritze