Education instead of Flowers - 30 Years UP. 30 Scholarships

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Give the gift of education instead of flowers for the 30th birthday of the University of Potsdam and give students the chance to grow.

Give Students a Chance to Grow

The Corona crisis is also a financial burden that turns the lives of those young people who are studying at the University of Potsdam upside down. Bitterly necessary income to make a living and to study might not be generated. Help us not lose a bright head to this crisis by giving education instead of flowers for the University of Potsdam's 30th birthday.

Join us - Donate to Students in Need on the 30th Birthday of the University of Potsdam

Whether you are an individual, a group or an association - congratulate the University of Potsdam to its birthday with your donation, which will directly benefit our students. You can support a particular field of study that is especially close to your heart with an anniversary scholarship. You personally have the opportunity to have a significant positive impact on the life of a student. With your small or large donation, you support the University of Potsdam's scholarship program, support education in the region, and give our students the chance to grow.

30 Years of the University of Potsdam - 30 Anniversary Scholarships

If we reach our fundraising goal of 30 anniversary scholarships, 30 students can be supported with 300 euros per month for one year. Since the federal government will match your donation, an entire anniversary scholarship costs only 1,800 euros. It's almost impossible to donate much more effectively, since 200 percent of your donation ends up directly in the account of one or more students.

The already often tight budgets of many students are suffering even more in the Corona pandemic. Therefore, the 30 anniversary scholarships will be awarded to students who are experiencing financial hardship. The selection committee takes into account not only very good academic performance, but also in particular the financial aspects of the students, as well as social commitment and special family and social circumstances.

Education instead of Flowers – How to Help Students in Need

  • If you donate 1,800 euros you provide a whole scholarship for one year. With this "bouquet" you can determine the sponsored department and get to know the scholarship holder personally. Feel free to donate together with friends, family or colleagues and award an anniversary scholarship together.
  • With 150 euros you support one student for one month. Once twelve "flowers" (twelve x 150 euros) have been collected, a whole subject-unbound anniversary scholarship will be awarded.
  • Every contribution counts and is appreciated. Every donated euro helps to make a scholarship possible for students in financial need. If the number of "little plants" grows to 1,800 euros, one student can be given the chance to grow themselves.

Donate to:

Account Holder: Landeshauptkasse

Credit Institution: Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba)

IBAN: DE 09 3005 0000 7110 402844


Intended Use: 01009017 (Please indicate!)


Your Benefits

Full Transparency - We tell you exactly which students are supported with your scholarship. Thus, you'll always know who will benefit from your donation.

Direct Contact - You have donated a whole "bouquet"? Then you have the opportunity to meet the sponsored students in person at the scholarship celebration and/or to accompany them as a mentor.

Your Visibility - As a thank-you - if you agree - your name will be mentioned in our magazine "Portal Transfer", which will be published in December, as well as on our website.

Donation Receipt - Your anniversary donation is tax deductible. You will, of course, receive a donation receipt for any donation over 300 euros (for donations under 300 euros, a simplified proof, e.g. your bank statement, is sufficient for the tax office).



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