News from the Soil Science and Geoecology WG

Congratulations Lena!

Lena Heinrich from the Soil Science and Geoecology WG has received the Schwoerbel-Benndorf Young Scientist Award 2022 of the German Society for Limnology

Invitation to the Day trip - Soil Diversity and Rivers - in the Westhavelland Nature Park

The non-profit association Standpunkt Boden e.V. and the Working Group Soil Science and Geoecology of the University of Potsdam invite all interested soil users on 4.9.2022!

Summerschool on Lake Environment and Ecology; 18th - 22nd July 2022 (click here for registration)

This summer school will provide an overview of the current state of research on limnic systems using the example of the approximately 2200 km² Taihu Lake near Shanghai. Registration still possible.

26.4.2022 Current interview on the BioWaWi project with Prof. Dr. Stefan Norra

On the role of water management companies in the protection of biodiversity and ecosystem services of their water protection areas