You see a computer screen with a terminal and commands
You see a red circular laser beam with a violet inset on a piece of paper
Green dot inside a metal vacuum vessel
Polished metal tubes with reflecting lights
View into metal tube with bright dot at the end
Interface for URSA-PQ

This is an interface for the URSA-PQ instrument

White light from Ti:Sa laser

White light from Ti:Sa laser in our laser labs in Potsdam

FEL beam on phosphor screen

FEL beam on phosphor screen at FLASH in Hamburg inside URSA-PQ instrument


URSA-PQ instrument at FLASH

magnetic bottle spectrometer

flight tube of a magnetic bottle spectrometer

  • Ultrafast Dynamic Imaging of Matter 2021

Welcome! to Ultrafast Dynamic Imaging of Matter Conference 2021 - Virtual Edition - 05.-09. September

The Ultrafast Dynamic Imaging of Matter Conference in 2021 is going to take place from Sept. 5-9. 2021 - streaming live from Potsdam, Germany 

All registered participants have received a link and password to login to the moodle page of the conference:


The pre-recorded talks as well as the zoom link to the conference is available over this site.

If you have registered but ancounter any problems, please contact us.



The UFDIM conference focuses on new techniques for imaging the dynamics of matter on ultrafast timescales, from femtoseconds to attoseconds. We have organized sessions on the applications of ultrafast dynamic imaging in biological, chemical and material systems as well as session on electronic dynamics and emerging opportunities. A special emphasis lies on the applications of new sources, including X-ray free-electron lasers, high-harmonic sources, few-cycle laser pulses, and ultrashort electron pulses. This conference is the sixth in a row after previous conferences held in London (2006), Ischia (2009), Banff (2012), Grindelwald (2015) and Crete (2018). The conference will host key note talks, invited talks introductory talks by the session discussion leaders and poster presentations. All talks are by invitation.

Explore the program:

How does it work? 

Before anything, you need to register by filling out the registration form. We need your email address in order to send you logins for our online platform moodle and zoom.

You will then get an invitation to create an account on our moodle platform and a password to register for the moodle site of the conference. Moodle is an online learning platform and we will put the invited talks of all the sessions there. Your invitation will come around August 25th. Please watch the talks of your interest on moodle before the conference. 

From Sept. 5th to Sept. 9th, we will have our live sessions ( daily 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm CET (Central European/Berlin -Time)  via zoom  - you will get an invitation by email ahead of time.

Each live UFDIM session will take 90 min.

We will have a keynote talk and discussion time for each of the prerecorded invited talks.
(to be viewed ahead of time via a distributed link).

The keynote presentation will take 35 min, a consecutive discussion of that talk about 10 min.

This will be followed by a short 1 slide overview by the invited speakers and 10 min discussion for each invited talk
(to be viewed ahead of time via a distributed link).


Line Up:  (Yes, that´s right   - We start on Sunday!)

Monday, September 6th ELECTRONIC DYNAMICS
Tuesday, September 7th CHEMISTRY
Wednesday, September 8th BIOLOGY
Thursday, September 9th MATERIALS


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