Elementary Processes of Light-Driven Reactions at Nanoscale Metals

This series of talks and seminars brings together scientists in the fields of ultrafast dynamics, chemistry and catalysis as well as nanoscale materials. It is organized by Prof. Dr. Matias Bargheer and Prof. Dr. Ilko Bald.

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Seminar Schedule

If not stated differently, the seminar starts at 12:15 (CEST).



Prof. Dr. Prashant JainUniversity of IllinoisPlasmonic Chemistry: Concepts and Controversies
22.01.2021Prof. Dr. Matias Bargheer                    University of PotsdamDiscussion the schedule of the research center
5.02.2021Prof. Dr. Ilko BaldUniversity of PotsdamPlasmon mediated bond cleavage in halogenated DNA
19.02.2021Prof. Dr. Jeremy BaumbergUniversity of CambridgeUsing light to watch molecule-metal interactions at the single bond level
5.03.2021Prof. Dr. Carsten HenkelUniversity of PotsdamAn optics view on plasmonic particles
19.03.2021Prof. Dr. Stefan MaierLudwigs-Maximilians-Universität, MunichLight harvesting and energy conversion with nanostructured metals and dielectric
16.04.2021Prof. Dr. Janina KneippHumboldt University, BerlinPlasmon-enhanced spectroscopy for monitoring plasmon-catalyzed reactions


Prof. Cyrille BoyerUniversity of New South Wales, AustraliaAdvancing Macromolecular Synthesis for 3D Printing and Surface Functionalization
21.05.2021Dr.Bartholomäus Pieber Max Planck Institute of Colloids
and Interfaces, Potsdam
An organic chemist's view on photocatalysis
28.05.2021Prof. Dr. Timothy NoëlUniversity of Amsterdam

Accelerating photocatalysis in continuous-flow reactors

11.06.2021Prof. Dr. Renske van der VeenUniversity of IllinoisElectrons and X-rays for Unraveling Atomic-Scale Dynamics in Light Energy Conversion


Prof. Dr. Katherine WilletsTemple University, Philadelphia

Measuring hot carriers in plasmonic nanoparticle electrod

09.07.2021Prof. Dr. Javier Aizpurua   Center for Materials Physics, San Sebastián   

Describing plasmon-enhanced molecular spectroscopy at the atomic scale           

20.08.2021Prof. Dr. Matias Bargheer                            University of Potsdam "Recent progress in understanding plasmon driven reactions: "hot" electrons and vibrations"
12:15 Uhr !
Dr. Claudia Pacholksi
         Evgenii Titov
University of Potsdam

"Tuneable metal/semiconductor hybrids for controlling plasmonic catalysis."
"Dynamics of Photoinduced Switching and Fragmentation of Molecules"


WORKSHOP - University of Potsdam

"Elementary Processes of Light-Driven Reactions at Nanoscale Metals"

WORKSHOP University of Potsdam"Elementary Processes of Light-Driven Reactions at Nanoscale Metals"