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Seminar Theoretical Chemistry

The seminar takes place on Wednesday from 14:15 till 15:45 in room D.1.02. It is a seminar for the workgroup, but all interested people, PhD students and other students are invited. For questions please contact Florian Bedurke

Seminar Winter 2019/2020

Wintersemester 2019/20
Date Time, Room Speaker, Affiliation Title
06.11.2019 14:15, D1.02 Dr. Thomas Jagau, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) Quantum Chemistry of Electronic Resonances
11.11.2019 14:30, D.1.02 Pierre Schwarz, Universität Potsdam Reactivity of H2O on α -Al 2 O 3 (0001): A periodic DFT study with polarizable continuum models (master defence)
27.11.2019 14:15, D.1.02 Dr. Sergey Bokarev, Universität Rostock Spectroscopy and Photoinduced Dynamics of Transition Metal Complexes
04.12.2019 14:15, D.1.02 Prof. Dr. Maribel Nunez Valdez, GFZ-Potsdam Ab initio investigations of high-density Fe3N
11.12.2019 14:15, D.1.02 Michael Werther, Technische Universität Dresden Tuning the multi Davydov Ansatz
11.12.2019 14:45, D.1.02 Dr. Frank Grossmann, Technische Universität Dresden Coherent State Based Approaches to Quantum Dynamics
16.12.2019 13:00, Giacomo Melani From structural fluctuations to vibrational spectroscopy of adsorbates on surfaces: A theoretical study of H2O on alpha-Al2O3 (0001)
08.01.2020 14:15, D.1.02 Aliezer Martinez Mesa, University of Havana Interacting trajectory representation of ultrafast quantum dynamics
26.02.2020 14:15, D.1.02 Dr. Daniel Reich, FU Berlin, Dr. Manel Mondelo Martell, TU Berlin, M.Sc. Marec Heger, Uni Kassel Time-dependent Electronic Structure Theories for Simulating Photoelectron Circular Dichroism
11.03.2020 14:15, D.1.02 Dr. Jan Götze, FU Berlin t.b.a.