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Seminar Theoretical Chemistry

The seminar takes place on Wednesday from 14:15 till 15:45 in room D.1.02. It is a seminar for the workgroup, but all interested people, PhD students and other students are invited.For questions please contact Giacomo Melani melanieuni-potsdamde

Seminar Winter 2018/2019

Wintersemester 2018/19
date time, room speaker, affiliation title
17.10.2018 14:15, D1.02 Daniel Bein, Uni Hamburg/Uni Postdam B.Sc. defense, DFT-based study of the kinetics and structure of adsorbed chlorobenzene on Si(111)7x7 surface
22.11.2018 14:15, D1.02 Ralf Metzler, Uni Potsdam Diffusive transport and molecular reactions
05.12.2018 14:15, D1.02 Benjamin Fingerhut, Max-Born Institut Berlin Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in the Presence of a Dissipative Environment - Recent Progress of the Iterative Quasi-Adiabatic Propagator Path Integral Method
13.12.2018 14:15, D1.02 Gernot Füchsel, FU Berlin Reactive and Non-Reactive Scattering of HCl from Au(111)
19.12.2018 14:15, D1.02 Denis Usvyat, HU Berlin Periodic and fragment approaches for accurate calculations of interaction energies in periodic systems
06.02.2019 14:15, D1.02 Marialore Sulpizi, Uni Mainz Solid/liquid interfaces: structure, dynamics and vibrational spectroscopy
13.02.2019 14:15, D1.02 Eric Fischer, Uni Potsdam A Nonlinear Perspective on Open Quantum Systems - Wave Packet Dynamics and Autocorrelation Functions
13.03.2019 14:15, D1.02 David Picconi, Uni Frankfurt Quantum mechanical description of the photodynamics of embedded chromophores. Insights into the nonlinear spectroscopies of I2 in crystal Kr
18.03.2019 10:00, F1.01 Sophia Heiden, Uni Potsdam Water at alpha-Alumina Surfaces: Energetics, Dynamics and Kinetics
20.03.2019 14:15, D1.02 Michael Thorwart, Uni Hamburg Quantum coherence in the dynamics of biomolecular excitons