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Seminar Winter 2016/17

date time, room speaker, affiliation title  
12.10.16 Markus Gühr, UP Probing Ultrafst Molecular Dynamics - challenges ahead of us  
12.10.16 16:00, MPIKG seminar room Evgenii Titov, UP On the azobenzene photoswitch: Insights from computational chemistry  
27.10.16 13:00, B2.01 Karl-Heinz Ernst, UZH Functional nonplanar aromatic molecules at surfaces: molecular recognition, spin filtering and unidirectional motors  
02.11.16 Safa Shoai, UP Electro-optics of Organic Solar Cells  
09.11.16 Pascal Krause, UP The TDCIS-CAP Method — Simulating Angle-Dependent Ionization and HHG Spectra  
09.11.16 André Bandrauk, Université de Sherbrooke Molecules in intense Laser fields - femto to atto to zepto second dynamics  
17.11.16 10:00, 26.0.76 Taku Hasobe, Keio University Controlled Excited-State Dynamics and Optical Applications of Functional Supramolecular Architectures  
23.11.16 Christian Carbogno, FHI Thermal Conductivities in Solids from First Principles: Accurate Computations and Rapid Estimates  
30.11.16 Robert Scholz, UP Laser-driven dynamics of CO on Ru(0001): a computational study using electronic friction (MDEF) and the generalized Langevin oscillator (GLO)  
11.01.17 Tao Xiong, UP Optical and Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Adamantane Derivatives  
18.01.17 Oliver Hofmann, TU Graz DFT for Inorganic/Organic Interfaces: Predictive Power and Desastrous Deficiencies  
08.02.17 Roman Ovcharenko, HU Berlin Water adsorption on Hematite(0001) at medium and high coverage regimes  
10.02.17 14:00 in B2.01 Aliezer Martinez Semiclassical modelling of the non-adiabatic photodynamics of molecular systems in gas and condensed phases