Seminar Theoretical Chemistry

The seminar takes place on
Wednesday from 14:15 till 15:45 in room D.1.02.

It is a seminar for the workgroup, but all interested people, PhD students and other students are invited.
For questions please contact Foudhil Bouakline:

Seminar Winter 2022/2023

Date Time, Room Speaker, Affiliation Title
17.10.2022 (Monday) 14:15, B.1.01 Arthur Syska (Prof. Uwe Manthe/Prof. Eisfeld) University of Bielefeld Development of a global potential model for the rubidium trimer (RB3)
02.11.2022 14:15, D.1.02 Eric Fischer (UP) Quantum Vibrational Dynamics in Complex Environments: From Vibrational Strong Coupling in Molecular Cavity QED to Phonon-Induced Adsorbate Relaxation
16.11.2022 14:15, D.1.02 Prof. Rigoberto Hernandez (Gompf Family Professor), John Hopkins University, Baltimore / Maryland (USA) Transition state theory for chemical reactions in complex environments
30.11.2022 13:45, D.1.02 Shreya Sinha (UP) Construction and de-construction of machine learned interatomic potentials
15.12.2022 12:00, F.1.01 (Thursday) Prof. Alec Wodtke, MPI Göttingen Resonant Tunneling in Condensed Phase Isomerization Reactions
16.12.2022 14:00, B.0.01 (Friday) Dr. Lu Peng, MPI of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam tba
tba 14:15, D.1.02 Christoph Witzorky (UP) tba
11.01.2023 14:15, D.1.02 Elham Mazarei (UP) tba
18.01.2023 / 25.01.2023 14:15, D.1.02 Dr. Christoph Scheurer (FHI Berlin) tba
18.01.2023 / 25.01.2023 14:15, D.1.02 Paul Albrecht (UP) tba
01.02.2023 14:15, D.1.02 Dr. Christopher Ehlert (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies) tba
tba 14:15, D.1.02 Dr. Martin Brehm (group leader/Prof. Sebastiani), Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg Computing Bulk Phase Vibrational Spectra from Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations