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Seminar Theoretical Chemistry

The seminar takes place on
Wednesday from 14:00 till 15:30 in room F0.15.

It is a seminar for the workgroup, but all interested people, PhD students and other students are invited.
For questions please contact Foudhil Bouakline:

Seminar Winter 2021/2022

Date Time, Room Speaker, Affiliation Title
12.10.2021 14:00, B2.01 Jingjing Shao, Free University of Berlin Electronic and Transport Properties of Carbon Based Materials
27.10.2021 12:30, D1.02 Elham Mazarei, AG Theoretical Chemistry, University of Potsdam Functionalization of Graphene and the study of electronic properties
03.11.2021 14:00 Eric Fischer, AG Theoretical Chemistry, University of Potsdam Rovibrational Polaritons beyond the Single-Cavity-Mode Limit: Nonadiabatic Effects, Spectroscopic Features and Photon Emission
01.12.2021 14:00 Dr. Jesús Pérez Ríos, Fritz Haber Institute (Berlin) Few-Body Processes in Chemistry
13.12.2021 14:00 Ben John, Fritz Haber Institute (Berlin) Phase-Resolved, Wide-Field Sum Frequency Generation Microscopy
15.12.2021 14:00 René Kolbig, PhD candidate Das Periodensystem der Chemischen Elemente in 2D, 3D und 4D sowie mögliche Moleküle in diesen n-dimensionalen Welten
19.01.2022 14:00 Paul Anton Albrecht, AG Theoretical Chemistry, University of Potsdam Angle-Resolved Photo-Electron Spectroscopy with the Time-Dependent Configuration Interaction Method
23.03.2022 14:00, F1.01 Dr. Johannes Gurke, Fraunhofer-Instiut für Angewandte Polymerforschung und Universität Golm 3D Bioelectronics and Applied Photochemistry