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Seminar Theoretical Chemistry

The seminar takes place on Wednesday from 14:15 till 15:45 in the lecture hall F.1.01. It is a seminar for the workgroup, but all interested people, PhD students and other students are invited. For questions please contact Foudhil Bouakline

Seminar Winter 2020/2021

Date Time, Room Speaker, Affiliation Title
28.10.2020 14:00, F1.01 Dr. Shadan Ghassemi Tabrizi, TU Berlin Parametrizing and Solving Spin-Hamiltonians by Quantum-Chemical Methods
18.11.2020 14:15, F1.01 Shreya Sinha, Universität Potsdam Inverted CO molecules on NaCl(100): A quantum mechanical study
02.12.2020 14:15,, 96079687 Eric Fischer, Universität Potsdam Molecular Vibrations Interacting With Quantized Electromagnetic Fields - Ground State Properties and Chemical Reactivity in Optical Cavities
09.12.2020 14:15,, 31239312 Dr. Deepak Ojha, University of Zurich Nonlinear Vibrational Spectroscopy of Aqueous Solutions and Interfaces
16.12.2020 14:15,, 25610837 Dr. Arobendo Mondal, Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin The Nobel Connection of the Lithium-Ion Battery and Magnetic Resonance
20.01.2021 14:15, t.b.a. Dr. Evgenii Titov, Universität Potsdam On fragmentation of 2-thiouracil and on isomerization of azobenzene-containing surfactant
27.01.2021 14:15, t.b.a. Dr. Johannes Margraf, TUM Munich / FHI Berlin t.b.a.
03.02.2021 14:15, t.b.a. Dr. Marius Horch, FU Berlin Understanding Metalloenzymes by Nonlinear Infrared Spectroscopy