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Collaborative Research Centre 1287 - "Limits of Variability in Language: Cognitive, Computational, and Grammatical Aspects"

Project B02:

Understanding variability and its limits in impaired and unimpaired sentence comprehension

Head: Shravan Vasishth, Frank Burchert, Nicole Stadie

Project B04:

Variability in bilingual language processing

Head: Harald Clahsen, Claudia Felser

Project C03:

Effects of variable input on word learning and word recognition in infants

Head: Barbara Höhle, Adamantios Gafos

Project C06 (previously A02):

Grammatical processing and syntactic change

Head: Ulrike Demske, Claudia Felser

Project C08:

Consequences of head argument order for syntax

Head: Gisbert Fanselow

Project C09:

Limits of variability in Spanish relative complementation

Head: Prof. Dr. Melanie Uth

Project Q:

Scientific service and infrastructure project

Head: Shravan Vasishth, Ralf Engbert

Project Z:

Central tasks of the CRC

Head: Isabell Wartenburger