German Network "Language, Variation, Multilingualism"

The network “Language, Variation, Multilingualism” brings together research clusters, centres, and researchers in Germany who work on linguistic variation, with a focus on contexts of migration and multilingualism.

This thematic area, with its manifold links to different research domains, can particularly benefit from a cooperation of linguistic subdisciplines with each other and with neighbouring disciplines.

The network serves such an exchange across (sub-)disciplines, supports cooperations, and makes shared, overarching research foci visible.


Participating Research Clusters


Berlin Interdisciplinary Alliance for Multilingualism; Manfred Krifka, Natalia Gagarina, Nathalie Topaj

Centre Language and Interaction

University of Muenster; Susanne Günthner

Centre for Multilingualism

University of Konstanz; Theodoros Marinis

Class of Language / LIPP

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich; Claudia Maria Riehl, Andreas Dufter, Hans-Jörg Schmid


University of Hamburg; Sara Fürstenau, Ingrid Gogolin, Drorit Lengyel


Research Center for Interculturality and Multilingualism), University of Erfurt, Csaba Földes

Focus Migration Linguistics and Multilingualism

GAL e.V., Juliana Goschler, Till Woerfel

Focus Multilingualism

IDS Mannheim; Inken Keim

Multilingualism: University of Hamburg

University of Hamburg; Ingrid Gogolin


Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Freiburg; Annette Doll


International Research Unit for Multilingualism, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich; Claudia Maria Riehl


Interdisciplinary Centre European Languages, Free University of Berlin; Ferdinand von Mengden, Uli Reich

Language Educational Centre

PH Ludwigsburg; Stefan Jeuk

Lern- und Forschungswerkstatt Deutsch-Treff

University of Paderborn; Elvira Topalović

Network Kobalt-DaF

University of Stuttgart; Heike Zinsmeister


Mannheimer Zentrum für Empirische Mehrsprachigkeitsforschung; Rosemarie Tracy


Potsdam Research Institute for Multilingualism; Harald Clahsen, Claudia Felser

Sign Language in Göttingen

University of Göttingen; Markus Steinbach, Nina-Kristin Meister


University Duisburg-Essen; Heike Roll, Magnus Frank, Melanie Beese

Research Unit on Experimental Syntax and Heritage Languages

Humboldt University of Berlin; Artemis Alexiadou

Stuttgart Research Focus Language and Cognition

University of Stuttgart; Daniel Hole, Sebastian Padó


Centre "Language, Variation, Multilingualism", University of Potsdam; Arne Peters, Christoph Schroeder, Ilja Seržant, Melanie Uth


Leibniz-Center General Linguistics, Berlin; Artemis Alexiadou, Susanne Fuchs, Natalia Gagarina

Language in Urban Diversity

Humboldt University of Berlin; Heike Wiese, Ferdinand von Mengden, Oliver Bunk