Academic Advising

How do you find an advisor for your dissertation?

The first step to the doctoral degree is to find a scholar who is relevant to your research interests and who is willing to advise your research project:

  • Make use of existing contacts with scholars in your field and at your home university.
  • Research the University of Potsdam's website for scholars in your area of research or specialization. Pay close attention to the specialized connection between your own research interests and the professor's thematic focus. If you have specific questions, you may also get in touch with the contact persons in the faculty Dean's Offices

Another option is to consult online search engines, of which we are listing only a selection here: 

After you have found a suitable academic advisor, you will generally be expected to briefly and convincingly explain your academic qualifications. In a prospectus you will describe the content and structure of your dissertation and explain your interest in what can be learned from your research.