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The History of Potsdam-Golm, 1951 – 1991

The University’s campus in Golm is a site with a rich history that included periods of military usage in the twentieth century. Between the Second World War and the fall of the GDR, both the Soviet army and the Ministry for State Security (the Stasi) occupied the premises. For the University’s anniversary in 2011, the Faculty of Science, which is housed primarily on the Golm Campus, created an exhibition that confronted the site’s history.

The information presented here also includes the latest scholarship on the history of the Academy of Law of the Ministry for State Security.


1 The School of the Ministry for State Security, 1951 to 1955

2 The Academy of the Ministry for State Security, 1955 to 1965

3 The Academy of Law of the Ministry for State Security (JHS), 1965 to 1990

3.1 Degree Programs at the JHS

3.2 Qualifying Work

3.3 Education and Continuing Education

3.4 Teaching Content

3.5 Research


Selected Images

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Building and Utilization Plan from 1989

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Photo: © Gröbel/Stange
Reconstruction of the Building and Utilization Plan from 1989, based on research and documents from the archives of the Federal Commissioner for the Records of the State Security Service of the former German Democratic Republic (BStU)


1. Clinic and service building
2. Print office
3. Residential and service building
4. Cafeteria
5. Seminar building and ‘Auditorium Maximum’ (‘cinema auditorium’)
6. Residential building with lecture halls
7. Residential building
8. Lecture hall, guest quarters, fire department
9. Institute and administration building
10. Automotive and technical area
11. Sports hall and weapons room12th Lecture hall and the offices of the Professor for Criminology
13. Conference hall and cafeteria for instructors
14. Institute building, State Security heritage showcase, and as of 1976 the Office of the Rector /
15./16./17. Residential buildings
18. Guard station
21. Residential building
22. Library 
23. Residential building
24. Multi-purpose hall
25. Gas station
26./27. Barracks with guard quarters